Federal CARES Act Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CARES Act?

The CARES Act is federal legislation which provides a variety of financial support to individuals and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The CARES Act established and funded the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to provide emergency financial aid grants. One part of this federal program allocates money to Methodist University, and a portion of that allocation can be awarded to students who are experiencing expenses due to the coronavirus. These grants are required to be provided directly to students and not applied to outstanding student account balances.

CARES Act – Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF): Student Portion

Methodist University has signed and returned to the Department of Education the Certification and Agreement Form. Our institution will use 50 percent of the funds received under Section 18004(a)(1) of the CARES Act to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students.

Who is eligible for a Federal CARES Act Emergency Grant?

Students enrolled in a traditional class setting at Methodist University prior to March 13, 2020 — the date of the President’s proclamation declaring a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak — may be eligible for Emergency Grant Assistance.

Students must also have expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the COVID-19 Emergency, such as food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child-care expenses. Students must meet Title IV eligibility requirements and must have completed the 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Unfortunately, the CARES Act does not allow these funds to be used for online, international students, or DACA students.

Do I have to repay a Federal Emergency Aid Grant?

Typically, you would not have to repay the amount awarded to you. The Federal Emergency Aid Grant funds are designed to be a grant, not a loan.

How will the money be disbursed?

For students who have signed up for direct deposit with NelNet, funding will be sent to the student’s financial institution via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  For students not enrolled in direct deposit, checks will be mailed.

Would this funding reduce my financial aid?

No, this fund does not negate nor replace financial aid, and it is a one-time grant.

How much money is available to the University to disburse?

Methodist University has been awarded $962,671, which provides emergency grants for eligible college students impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. As of October 8, 2020, all $962,671 has been disbursed to eligible students.

How much money is available for each eligible student?

Amounts to students will varied depending upon calculated student need as determined on the basis of Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) per the 2019-20 FAFSA. A total of 1,307 student grants have been given in varying amounts from $462 to $1,786.

How can students obtain more information about the Federal Emergency Aid Grant?

Continue to check this website for the most up-do-date information.

Do I need to report financial aid or grants on my federal tax return?

The IRS issued FAQs on the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund and Emergency Financial Aid Grants under the CARES Act that clarifies that CARES Act aid should be treated as a “qualified disaster relief payment” and not be treated as taxable income. Each financial award you receive from the federal government and other sources will have separate and unique tax consequences for your federal tax return. Visit the https://www.irs.gov/IRS website for assistance.

CARES Act – Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF): Institutional Portion

Methodist University acknowledges that it has signed and returned to the Department of Education the Certification and Agreement for the Institutional Portion of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Formula Grants Authorized by Section 18004(a)(1) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

As of December 31, 2020, the total amount of authorized funds awarded to Methodist University for the Institutional Portion of CARES was $1,058,193.

The University has expended $1,058,193 as of December 31, 2020.  The University used $1,058,193 to refund unused resident housing credits and meal plans to enrolled students during the FY20 spring semester.

Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting Under CARES Act Sections 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion, 18004(a)(2), and 18004(a)(3)