Forward Together: Courses

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All Methodist University in-person courses will be offered in classrooms configured to support physical distancing, with requirements for wearing face coverings and sanitizing surfaces such as desks, computers or other equipment. All of our teaching and public spaces on campus have been inventoried and measured for safe maximum capacity according to CDC guidelines for social distancing, with seating arranged according to those guidelines.

Our goal is to provide a semester of safe and interactive learning opportunities for our students in the classroom, with extensive instructional support materials and activities provided online in Canvas (our learning management system) This hybrid-enriched approach (using both in-person and remote) to instruction is essential to our ability to address developments in the Covid-19 pandemic that may prevent all students and all faculty from being present for in-person classes. When students or faculty are not able to attend class in person due to illness or isolation orders, they will be able to access courses and access course content remotely.

When selecting Spring 2021 classes, students have chosen/can choose main campus courses in one of the four modalities described below. All main campus courses (in any modality) count as credit toward a student’s full-time enrollment status.

  1. Face-to-Face: Classes are taught only in-person. A specified class time and classroom designation appears in the schedule.
  2. Hybrid: Classes are taught in a combination of in-person and Zoom or other remote conferencing tool. Specified class time and classroom designation appear in the schedule. Instructors will provide details in each Canvas course on how the combination of in-person and remote attendance will work.
  3. Remote: Classes are taught only via Zoom or other remote conferencing tool. Specified class time appears in the schedule, but there is no classroom designation.
  4. Online: Classes are taught online, asynchronously using Canvas. No specified class time and or classroom designation appear in the schedule.

Additional instructions on how to search for classes by modality are available in the MU Portal schedule.

We are not offering education abroad courses or experiences in the Spring 2021 semester.

Student Requests for Remote Instruction

We understand that some students want to begin or continue their studies at Methodist University but will be unable to be on campus for the Spring semester. Students in this situation work should with their advisors and register for classes designated as remote or online in the main campus schedule.

If a student wishes to change their schedule to a fully remote or online format, they can do so by accessing their schedule in the myMU Portal.

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.