Forward Together: Courses

A student works on her laptop

All Methodist University courses will be offered through in-person, hybrid-enriched instruction in classrooms configured to support physical distancing, with requirements for wearing face coverings and sanitizing surfaces such as desks, computers or other equipment.

Our goal is to provide an engaging semester of safe and interactive learning opportunities for our students in the classroom, with extensive instructional support materials and activities provided online in Canvas, our new learning management system (LMS). This hybrid-enriched approach (using both in-person and remote) to instruction is essential to our ability to address developments in the Covid-19 pandemic that may prevent all students and all faculty from being present for in-person classes. When students or faculty are not able to attend class in person due to illness or isolation orders, they will be able to access courses and access course content remotely.

The vast majority (80%) of our Fall 2020 undergraduate courses are small, with fewer than 20 students enrolled. All of our teaching and public spaces on campus have been inventoried and measured for safe maximum capacity according to CDC guidelines for social distancing, with seating arranged according to those guidelines. For the Fall 2020 undergraduate and graduate courses with larger enrollments (20-40) and/or specialized classrooms (e.g. labs), we are preparing for in-person instruction in a variety of ways:

  • Some classes will be relocated to larger instructional spaces.
  • Some classes will use additional safety equipment to prevent virus transmission.
  • Some faculty may instruct students to attend in-person instruction days in cohorts, with half of a class attending in-person on specific days while the other half participates remotely using materials provided in Canvas.
  • Some faculty may offer components of courses remotely, in Canvas, and use scheduled in-person class time to meet with small groups of students.
  • Some classes will be taught exclusively online. Students will be notified of any courses that are moved from in-person to online instruction and will be able to work with advisors if they need to modify their schedules.

Student Requests for Remote Instruction

We understand that some students want to begin or continue their studies at Methodist University but will be unable to be on campus for the Fall semester. Students in this situation should email Dr. Tina Miller ( and Pam Ellis-Phipps ( to request that an advisor work with them to try to establish fully remote schedules that keep them on path to degree completion. It may not be possible in every case, but we will do everything we can to attempt to find a remote solution for our students by exploring options that include:

  1. Courses scheduled to be delivered online
  2. Courses with faculty approved for workplace adjustments for remote teaching
  3. Courses with faculty willing to teach both in-person and remote students at the same time

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.