Self-monitoring your health is so important, perhaps now more than ever. To help with this, MU has created an app that can help you get into a daily routine of self-monitoring. It only takes a few minutes to download the MU Green Screen App on your cell phone and complete this easy, daily self-checkup. This health information is kept confidential.

The Green Screen app serves as a voluntary tool for self-screening purposes only and is not a diagnostic tool or substitute for medical advice. If you are showing symptoms common with COVID, that are unusual for you, it is very important to act immediately. Stay home or in your room, avoid all contact with others and do not go to class or work. Faculty and staff should call their supervisor (and then also their physician as they feel necessary). Students should call the Student Health Center at 910.630.7164. Again, all health information given to the Health Center is confidential.

If you haven’t already, feel free to download the Green Screen App, and begin daily check-ins today to familiarize yourself with the process. See the instructions that are attached below.

Thank you for helping to keep our campus safe!

Students: Please contact Aly Magras if you have any questions at or 910. 630.7022.

Faculty & Staff: Please contact Jennifer Dumond if you have any questions at or 910.630.7255.

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MU Green Screen App Instructions

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