Forward Together: Housing & Residence Life

Students relax in their residence hall

Housing and Residence Life is continuing to think and dream of new ways to build community for students living on campus. We are delighted to welcome you to campus

We are sure that you have all seen the ever changing information and recommendations for COVID-19. We assure you that we are staying current and constantly educating ourselves about trends, best practices, safe guards and recommendations. If new information comes to light we may change guidelines for housing on campus. We will notify any changes through Housing and Residence Life staff and Methodist student email.

Announcements for Spring 2021 Returning Residential Students

See our Check-in Procedures for Returning Students page for full information.

Room & Board Charges

Residential students’ room and board charges will be prorated based on their return dates. Net reductions in these charges will be reflected in students’ accounts in about one month.

Housing and Residence Life – Forward Together

In the interest of the health and safety of our Monarch Family, all students, staff, and guests must wear masks while in the gathering spaces of our residence halls. Make sure you are wearing your masks as you go down the hallway, stairwell and even as you go to the laundry room. If you are eating in the lobbies, please make sure you are physically distant from others and that you take care to clean your space when you are through and than you dispose of your trash in the dumpsters outside the building. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our areas clean and sanitized before and after use especially in common areas. There are cleaning products available.

Reduced Density

In order to increase physical distancing, Housing & Residence Life has developed arrangements to reduce the population of some residence halls where possible. Please make sure you are following occupancy guidelines in the lobbies and laundry rooms.

Roommate Agreements

Professional staff will build upon the existing practice of roommate agreements and community standards to facilitate mutual understanding. Emphasis will be placed on adherence to guidelines related to visitors, cleaning practices, food sharing and honest communication when concerns arise. All residents will be asked to complete agreements and talk about their roommate rights and shared responsibilities.

Room Changes & Neighborly Behavior

Due to community cohort assigning and living with students you share the same space, we will not allow room changes unless the Residential Coordinator authorizes the move to another similar community of peers. Communication is the key to a successful roommate experience. Please communicate with your roommate and suite mates during the agreement conversation process.

Learning to live with students around you is challenging but it can also be exciting. Being part of a community that is spending more time in their rooms than on campus in classrooms needs to be understood and respected. Be aware that some buildings have thinner walls and floors where noise and every day activities sound amplified at certain times of the day and night. Again, we ask that you be aware that other students around you are studying, in class, or sleeping. Be courteous and aware!

Health & Safety Checks

Professional and student staff will establish and communicate procedures for maintaining contact with residents through physical distanced, virtual or electronic means. The schedule of room inspections will be occurring during the first week of every month. Your Resident Assistant will be posting signs and sending out group text messages on the dates and times for your area. It is the shared responsibility of residents for adhering to approved guidelines for everyone’s health and safety.

Common Spaces & Lobbies

Common spaces will be altered to reduce density, and residents will be expected to follow approved guidelines for cleaning, wearing of masks, refraining from large events, etc. Students will be asked to follow all space occupancy guidelines.

Facilities, Cleaning, & Isolation Planning

Facilities, cleaning, and isolation planning has been altered to lower risk of exposure and promote the health and safety of all residents.

Additional Cleaning

Custodial Services will work in partnership with Housing and Residence Life to increase cleaning and disinfecting in residential buildings. Students are asked to keep their personal areas sanitized and clean with disinfecting spray, cleaning wipes, and any other equipment they need to clean showers, sinks, surfaces before and after individual use. We need to be responsible for our own spaces and keep all shared areas clean after use.

Isolation & Quarantine Planning

Methodist University’s Epidemic Response Team has a comprehensive plan to isolate or quarantine residents who come in contact with those students who have come in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 and are unable to travel home. These students will be tested by the Student Health Center on campus, asked to quarantined for 14 days either where they live or in an area designated by Housing and Residence Life. This will include procedures for health checks, emotional support, meal delivery and other support services.


Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.