Forward Together: Religious Life & Community Engagement

Matthews Ministry Center

Campus Life & Activities

Religious Life Programs

Religious Life programming will resume in-person according to campus and CDC protocols. College is always a time of transition and faith communities across the campus are a valuable resource in the process of growth and independence.

Campus Worship, CIRCUIT, and Small Groups

  1. Worship will resume inside Matthews and Hensdale Chapels with masks, according to campus and CDC protocols.
  2. Weather permitting and appropriate to the occasion, worship outside on the upper quad between the Matthews Ministry Center and the Trustees building with chairs provided. No masks required.
  3. Small groups will meet in-person according to current campus and CDC guidelines.

More information is available on the Religious Life webpage.

Mission Trips & Work Teams

International mission trips are postponed for the fall semester. Methodist University will reassess all guidelines and possibilities for traveling abroad for the purpose of mission work in Spring 2022. An off-campus retreat is planned for Fall 2021 and a domestic mission trip scheduled for March 2022 during the week of spring break. Both are limited to 15 participants.

Pastoral Care & Counseling

The University Chaplain and Religious Life staff are available as needed to assist with stressful situations created by Covid19. Students, faculty and staff of all religious backgrounds, or none at all, are welcome.

The Center for Community Engagement

Center for Community Engagement service projects and meetings will use a hybrid approach with both in-person and remote engagement with Cumberland County and campus partners. All activities will employ physical distancing and virtual options for larger groups or students who are unable to participate in person as well as recommended use of masks.


Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.