Forward Together: Information Technology

A masked student uses the Computer lab

Methodist University Computer Services & Help Desk

The Help Desk will schedule appointments for internet related issues in all residence halls. Contact the Help Desk at (910) 630-7300 to setup an appointment to have a technician come to your room to troubleshoot internet connectivity.  Computer Services doesn’t schedule appointments on Fridays.  Computer Services is only responsible for the data jacks, and the connection back to the building switches, and internet connectivity.  We don’t troubleshoot student’s laptops, desktops, printers, other peripherals, smartphone or any other IT related equipment issues.  During the technician’s visit you will be required to wear a mask as well as the technician during the visit to your residence hall room.

The Help Desk provides the following:

  • Phone assistance by calling (910) 630-7020
  • Email assistance by sending an email to
  • In person/walk-ins but social distancing and face mask must be worn. Help Desk is located in Trustees 275.
  • Escalation of troubleshooting if issues can’t be resolved by the Help Desk.

Help Desk in person/walk-in visits by students, faculty, or staff with Methodist University Secure Wireless Onboarding issues will be conducted in Trustees  275.  Social Distancing is required by all Methodist University students, faculty, staff and you will be also required to wear a mask for any in person/walk-in visits to the Help Desk office.  If you do not social distance and wear a mask during your in person/walk-in visit to the Help Desk office, you will be ask to leave, no exceptions.

Classrooms and computer labs will be limited to a certain number of students, by configuring computers to allow for physical/social distancing. Shared responsibilities will be enacted for keeping equipment disinfected before, during and after each use.  Social Distancing is required by all Methodist University students, faculty, staff and you will be also required to wear a mask.  Once you have concluded your use of the lab computer equipment, wash your hands.  You may also bring with you a moist towelette of any kind to wipe down the keyboard and mouse that you use Before and After using any computer equipment for additional protection.

If a faculty, staff or student is directed to come to the Services Building for additional assistance for an elevated troubleshooting issue/assistance, you will be told by a Computer Services staff member.  Please remember that person’s name that sent you, and who the person is you are supposed to go see, as you will be asked who sent you to the Computers Services office and for what reason(s).  If you need to come to the Campus Services Building to see a Computing Staff member, you will need to wear a mask, and sanitize your hands before you enter the Office area; if you do not, you will be asked to leave.  There are hand-sanitizing devices in the lobby of the Service Building to sanitize your hands as well as in the hallway of the Computer Services area. We ask that you sanitize your hands when you enter the building and on your way out of the building.

Questions? Contact us at, our dedicated email address for COVID-19 communications.