History with Social Studies Teacher Licensure

Student presents during Teach-In event

Degrees Awarded

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Major Requirements

The Social Studies major with teacher licensure consists of 83-97 s.h., distributed as follows:

B.A. Requirement

  • One foreign language through the 2020-level or demonstration of competence.

B.S. Requirement

  • MAT 2200 Applied Statistics (3 s.h.)

Required History Courses

  • HIS 1030 World History I (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 1040 World History II (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2010 United States History I (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2020 United States History II (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3000 History in Theory and Practice (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3620 North Carolina History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3700 Contemporary World History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4550 Senior Seminar: The Craft of History (3 s.h.)


  • GEO 2520 Regional Geography (3 s.h.)

History Electives

Select 9 s.h. from the following:

  • HIS 2040 U.S. Women’s History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2150 Barbarian Invasions (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2160 History of Science (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2170 Race and Ethnicity in Global Perspective (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2200 WWII (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 2300 The Vietnam War (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3010 Topics in Modern Asian History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3050 Islam And The Islamic World (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3110 Ancient History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3120 Medieval History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3130 Renaissance and Reformation Europe (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3160 The Age of Crusades (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3170 The Middle Ages on Film (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3220 Early Modern History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3250 Modern History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3310 Topics in Latin American History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3550 American Slavery (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3600 American Civil War and Reconstruction Era (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3610 The Civil Rights Movement (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3700 Contemporary World History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3800 Topics in U.S. Social and Cultural History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3810 Topics in European Social and Cultural History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3820 History and Gender (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 3850 Special Topics in History (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4110 Modern Russia (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4210 American Military Experience (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4220 Post-WWII America (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4300 History Museum Internship (3 s.h.)
  • HIS 4990 Independent Study in History (TBA)

Interdisciplinary Electives

  • ECO 1510 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECO 1520 Principles of Microeconomics (3 s.h.)
  • PSC 1510 American Government (3 s.h.)
  • SOC 1510 Principles of Sociology (3 s.h.)

Education Courses

  • EDU 2000 Human Growth & Development (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 2400 Instructional Technology (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 2420 Field Experience II (1 s.h.)
  • EDU 2510 Foundations of Education (4 s.h.)
  • EDU 3300 Educational Psychology (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 3420 Field Experience III (2 s.h.)
  • EDU 4070 Professional Orientation (2 s.h.)
  • EDU 4110 Secondary English Methods (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 4190 Seminar in Positive Behavior Development (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 4200 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3 s.h.)
  • EDU 4500 Seminar in Education (2 s.h.)
  • SPE 2550 Educating Diverse Populations (3 s.h.)

Additional Requirements to Apply for the Teacher Education Program

  1. Cumulative overall grade point average of at least 2.5
  2. Must have successfully completed a minimum of 60 s.h. to include: ENG 1010, ENG 1020, HIS 1040, MAT 1050
    (or higher), ACL 1510 ,3 s.h. of Science, and 3 s.h. of Fine Arts
  3. Passing scores on any test required by the TEP and/or by the North Carolina State Board of Education
  4. A grade of C (2.0) or better in each course of the student’s major
  5. A grade of C (2.0) or better in the professional sequence: EDU 2420, EDU 2000, EDU 2510, and SPE 2550
  6. Three recommendations from faculty
  7. Review and approval of the student’s application by the Teacher Education Committee
  8. A post-admission interview of the Teacher Education Candidate, by the Director of Student Teaching and Field
    Experience, the Specialty Area Coordinator, and the Subject Area Faculty Specialist

NOTE: A student must apply and be admitted into the Teacher Education Program to enroll in 3000 and 4000 level
courses within the Professional Licensure area (EDU 3300, 3420, 4070, 4100, 4110, 4120, 4130, 4140, 4160, 4170, 4180,
4200, 4210, 4470; and SWK 4750).

NC State Board of Education Complaint Process

The North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) has jurisdiction to investigate allegations of noncompliance regarding specific laws and rules. Complaints may address Educator Preparation Program requirements set forth in Article 15(D) of Chapter 115C. The SBE does not have jurisdiction over complaints related to contractual arrangements with an EPP, commercial issues, obtaining a higher grade or credit for training, or seeking reinstatement to an EPP. All complaints filed with the SBE must be in writing. A person or entity may file a written complaint with SBE by filling out a complaint form and submitting online and/or mailing or faxing a hard copy to the address on the form.

Contact the Program Coordinator

Dr. Patrick O

Patrick O’Neil, PhD

Associate Professor of History; Co-Director, Women's Studies; Coordinator, Social Studies Education
(910) 630-7067
Trustees 230
Dr. Patrick O
Patrick O’Neil, PhD

Associate Professor of History; Co-Director, Women's Studies; Coordinator, Social Studies Education

B.A., Grinnell College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Patrick W. O’Neil is Chair and Associate Professor of History; he is also Co-Director of Women’s Studies.

His research focuses on America in the years before the Civil War, encompassing politics, culture, and gender, and he is hard at work on a book about weddings during that time. The book is called Inventing the American Wedding, and it compares the way that various Americans married when the white wedding was still a new thing.

As a teacher, Professor O’Neil believes that people learn best when they have the chance to figure things out for themselves. His courses ask students to lead class discussions and to research difficult ideas; the assumption is that if you come ready to play, you can match wits with the best thinkers in America. He won Methodist University’s Distinguished Professor of the Year award in 2014.

When Professor O’Neil is stressed out, he goes for a run. Otherwise, he spends an unhealthy amount of time thinking about North Carolina Tar Heels basketball, Nebraska Cornhuskers football, the Beatles, and barbecue

Tumblr: http://paddyoneilio.tumblr.com

(910) 630-7067
Trustees 230