Housing & Residence Life Staff

Meet the Staff

The Housing & Residence Life Department includes Resident Assistants, Residential Area Coordinators, Residence Hall Maintenance Technician, Assistant Director of Residence Life, and the Director of Residence Life.

The Resident Assistant is an undergraduate student who lives on the floor with approximately 20-30 students. The RA is responsible for assisting students during their Methodist experience. The RA's major responsibilities include assisting and advising individual students, maintaining residence hall regulations and policies, providing educational programs, and completing various administrative duties.

The Residential Coordinator is the professional staff member who is responsible for the total operation of an area of campus housing. RC's live on campus and assist students in their growth and development through advising and supervising the Resident assistants, as well as developing and maintaining residence hall regulations and policies. They are available to answer questions and help when needed.

The Director of Housing & Residence Life is responsible for managing the total Housing & Residence Life program. The Director selects and supervises staff, manages the departmental budget, coordinates facility renovations and improvements, establishes departmental processes and policies and carries out a number of other responsibilities.

Current Staff

Barbara Morgan, Director of Housing & Residence LifeBarbara Morgan
Director of Housing & Residence Life
B.A., Montana State University
Barbara joined the staff in 2011.
(910) 630-7256

Nan Fiebig, Assistant Director of Housing & Residence LifeNan Fiebig

Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life
B.A., William Jewell College
Nan joined the staff in 2010.
(910) 630-7370

Carmine Biancamano, Residential CoordinatorCarmine Biancamano
Residential Coordinator
M.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Carmine joined the staff in 2017.
Office: (910) 630-7904
supervises: Weaver Hall

Luke Blum, Residential CoordinatorLuke Blum
Residential Coordinator
M.S., Syracuse University
Luke joined the staff in 2017.
Office: (910) 630-7249
supervises: Cumberland and Sanford Halls

Melissa Bowers, Residential CoordinatorMelissa Bowers
Residential Coordinator
M.Ed., University of South Carolina
Melissa joined the staff in 2017.
Office: (910) 630-7242
supervises: Cape Fear Commons

Clarissa Collins, Residential CoordinatorClarissia Collins
Residential Coordinator
M.S., Springfield College
Clarissia joined the staff in 2016.
Office: (910) 630-7092
supervises: Garber, Pearce and West Halls

Susan Hall, Administrative Assistant for Housing & Residence LifeSusan Hall
Administrative Assistant for Housing and Residence Life
Susan joined the staff in 2010.
Office: (910) 630-7626
Fax: (910) 630-7576

Camille Walker, Residential CoordinatorD. Camille Walker
Residential Coordinator
B.M., Methodist University
Camille joined the staff in 2016.
Office: (910) TBA
supervises: McLean Apartments


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