Academic Internship Process & Requirements

Academic Internship Process

  1. Some academic programs work with their students directly on internships. Speak with your Advisor about any internship requirements and the specific internship process for your academic program.
  2. If needed, connect with the Director of Internships and Experiential Learning to discuss potential internship sites and your specific needs and goals.
  3. Complete any necessary advance Internship Forms (specific to the Academic Department):
    • Reeves School of Business – Internship Registration form
  4. Register for the appropriate Internship Course during open registration periods (Note: If you have not secured an internship by the first day of class, it is recommended that you withdraw from the course within the drop/add period.)
  5. Once you have secured your internship, inform the appropriate individuals (Advisor, Course Instructor, Director of Internships & Experiential Learning) and obtain and submit the following documents prior to the start of the internship:
  6. Fully participate in your Internship Course and in your on-site internship program.

Academic Internship Requirements

  1. An undergraduate academic internship requires a minimum of 50 hours for one semester hour of credit. (Excludes accredited degree programs.)
  2. Students who are interested in an academic internship must complete the MU Student Internship Release and Indemnity Agreement Form and submit it to their Internship Instructor.
  3. Departments provide students with a syllabus that includes the following:
    • course requirements
    • handouts such as timesheets/portfolio templates
    • professional conduct/dress code requirements
    • estimated cost if applicable
  4. An Educational Affiliation Agreement should be fully executed with the internship site. If the internship site does not have an agreement, complete the MU Educational Affiliation Agreement.
  5. Provide a list of expectations to the onsite supervisors/evaluators. A sample list is provided here.
  6. Evaluations of internships should include both a site supervisor evaluation of the student, a student evaluation of the site, and a department evaluation of the site at least biennially.
  7. The faculty member assigns the grade for the internship.