Legal Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Students participate in a mock trial at the Cumberland County Courthouse

When do I begin my Legal Courses?

Take the Legal Studies courses along with the others in your degree program, beginning with LAW 200, Introduction to Legal Studies. Generally, students would take this in the fall semester of the Sophomore year. It is expected that a student could complete the Legal Studies, most majors, and graduate within the four years.

What is the entry-level salary for paralegals?

Paralegal salary ranges are in the $20,000’s. The national salary average for paralegals is $34,514, plus a bonus factor. Paralegal salary ranges reflect the market place; locations that have a lot of high-paid lawyers have higher paid paralegals.

What resources are available at Methodist University for the program?

The course work is set up to provide all resources necessary. The Legal Studies program is a set of designed courses that are taught by experienced lawyers. Specialty areas are taught by specialists. Legal resource materials are on-line, and in the law collection at Davis Library. Access to the premier on-line service, Westlaw is provided, along with training. Placement help is provided by Methodist University.

Must paralegals be licensed?

No, current law does not require a license. Paralegals cannot practice law. Paralegals are part of a team effort, with the practicing lawyer, to provide the best legal advice and service to the clients.

What kind of financial aid is available?

Methodist University has many types of financial aid available, including generous scholarships, and guaranteed work-study funds for all students who live on campus. Consult the office of Financial Aid for further information.