Methodist University Hosts Collegiate Recovery Group

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Juggling the pressures of college life can be challenging for anyone, but are even more difficult for those in addiction recovery. Methodist University will serve as host for a Collegiate Recovery Group that will meet weekly on Mondays beginning Jan. 13 at 4:30 p.m. in Room 104 of the Nursing Studies Building. The meetings, which are designed to provide fellowship and support, are open to anyone connected to any educational institution.

The program will be one of more than a hundred such programs at colleges and universities across the country, but will be the first of its kind in Cumberland County. The initiative is part of a growing effort in higher education to help students with drug or alcohol problems. Studies have shown that students who are involved in campus recovery programs have better academic outcomes, including improved retention and graduation rates.

If you or anyone you know is working on recovery while also working to further their education and would like more information on the Collegiate Recovery Group at MU, contact Mitzi Averette, assistant professor of nursing, at