MU Celebrates Black History Month (Daily)

celebrating black history month

Throughout the month of February, Methodist University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs and Black Student Union (BSU) partnered for a month-long celebration of Black History Month.

zoom trivia
Students participated in a 16-question Kahoot quiz on Feb. 3 to test their black history knowledge.

Daily events celebrated the culture, accomplishments and contributions of Black Americans and were open (with the vast majority being virtual) to the entire MU community of students, faculty, and staff.

The celebration included trivia nights, a classic black movie watch party, a canned food drive, guest speakers, a fashion show, a closer look at distinguished poets and black leaders and an open mic night, to name just a few.

“Through the entire month we have had support from our peers, faculty, and staff,” said BSU President Kodi century. “The support of the University in educating the student body about Black History Month sets a path for future students to feel included and comfortable.”

Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate, and understand the impact of black heritage and culture. The event calendar was distributed throughout campus and  advertised through email and social media outlets.

full tavares
Tavares Hunter, director of the Student Solutions Office, was the special speaker during the Feb. 24 chapel service, which was co-hosted by Religious Life and the Black Student Union.

“The fact that black history is part of America’s history is important for all Americans to know, learn about, and understand,” said Dr. Clifton Bobbitt, director of campus recreation and multicultural affairs at Methodist. “The idea was to celebrate cultural heritage and educate the campus on black history. BSU decided to create passive programming where the campus could use QR codes to go to certain web sites to educate themselves, as well as Zoom seminars and sessions to discuss topics. BSU took a family approach when designing these programs. The goal was to celebrate black history with all our Monarch family.”





Please enjoy this video featuring excerpts of MLK Jr.’s “I Have a Dream,” read by members of the Black Student Union.