MU Honors 14 Students with Leadership Fellows Distinction

Leadership Fellows students

Methodist University has a proud history of producing graduates who are committed to making positive contributions to society. As the Leadership Fellows Program shows, this year is no different.

On Thursday night at Matthews Chapel, the University celebrated 14 students who will soon be graduating with high honors. Not only are they walking away with a degree this spring, but they will also carry the title of “Leadership Fellow” with them.

“The Leadership Fellows Program is about opportunity,” said Dr. Andrew Ziegler, the co-director of the MU Journey Leadership Pathway and director of the Tally Leadership Center. “Through it, students receive opportunities for conferences, workshops, and leadership experiences that aren’t necessarily available to everyone. It’s truly a special extracurricular opportunity.”

The Leadership Fellows Program develops the leadership skills of students over the course of their time at the University. During their freshman or sophomore year, staff and faculty nominate students for the program based on their academic achievement, exceptional character, and commitment. If students accept the invitation into the program, they must complete seven requirements including academic foundation, self-assessment, on-campus training, off-campus training, on-campus leadership, off-campus leadership, and a personal portfolio.

After years of working on the program requirements, students apply for a certificate of completion prior to their graduation. If approved by staff and faculty, they obtain the distinguished honor of graduating as a Leadership Fellow.

For the Class of 2022, their hard work in the program finally culminated in the Leadership Fellows Banquet. Methodist University President Stanley T. Wearden, Provost Suzanne Blum Malley, and Ziegler officially recognized the 14 graduates as Leadership Fellows by handing them a certificate of completion, glass plaque, and medallion — a time marking their end of one journey and the beginning of the next.

“This program has helped me as an individual, as a student, and a leader,” added graduate Blythe Best, a senior majoring in Business Administration. “I feel honored to be in a program that’s so much bigger than myself. It has definitely benefited my time at Methodist, but it will expand to every endeavor I have the rest of my life.”

Congratulations to the following students who are the Leadership Fellows for the Class of 2022:

  • Blythe Best
  • Suchada Bunkongthon
  • Cheyenne Ferrin
  • Allyson Hays
  • Collin Hinnant
  • Kaitlyn Jumalon
  • Bethany Junker
  • Daniel Magen
  • Jon Patterson
  • Mean Pring
  • Marco Romero
  • Edward “Trey” Samuelian
  • Rae Stewart
  • Jonathan Wertz

For more information about how students can enter the program, visit here.