MU Opens Arms and Gym to FSU Community

FSU Plays at the Riddle Center

When Fayetteville State University’s gym became unavailable on Wednesday, Methodist University literally “answered the call” in the way a good neighbor should.

“I called Methodist President (Stanley) Wearden and am grateful and honored he answered that call of brotherhood and love,” said FSU Chancellor Darrell Allison, whose school received bomb threats earlier in the day and had to make scheduling adjustments for the safety of the FSU students, faculty and staff.

Wednesday was “Senior Night” for the Broncos, and without their gymnasium as an option for their women’s and men’s basketball games, Methodist opened its Riddle Center – a multipurpose arena – to FSU athletes and fans (along with those of their opponent, Claflin University).

“I know Chancellor Allison, and know FSU would be doing exactly the same thing for us,” said Wearden. “We’re all in higher education and we’re going to stand together.”

Among the enthusiastic fans from FSU and Claflin, a number of Methodist University students, faculty, staff, and administration – including Wearden – were on hand to show support at both games.

“If the motive (of the threat) was to send a message of hate based on race, those responsible lost, they lost in a big way,” Allison said before asking the spectators to rise in appreciation to Methodist. “What evil and hatred would like to do to cause division only made us stronger in greater unity.”