MU’s “Tapestry” is Designed for Creativity

tapestry submissions open

Each year, members of the Methodist University community utilize a wonderful opportunity to share their creativity and talents for writing. The publication “Tapestry” is the outlet and students, faculty, staff, and alumni typically submit their works.

“Letting others see your creative work can be scary, but “Tapestry” is a space where your individuality, thought, and expression can be shared with the community,” said Maria Choi ’21, the student editor of the publication. “Especially in times like these, we need to share with our community more than ever.”

“Tapestry” features a wide variety of creative writing that includes poems, short stories, plays, and creative non-fiction. Choi said the publication is more meaningful than just a “good read.”

The staff of “Tapestry” is accepting entries for the 2021 edition through March 15 and those may be submitted by emailing All submissions will be reviewed by faculty, and revisions may be requested. Copies of the completed “Tapestry” will be available later this spring.