Music Auditions

Anyone interested in music as a degree is encouraged to audition for our program.  Thanks to generous funds gifted from our benefactors, we are able to offer significant scholarship dollars to qualified candidates.  Some of our music-specific scholarships include the following:

  • The Berns Scholarship
  • The Chaminade Scholarship
  • The William and Francis Grimes Scholarship
  • The Maurice A. and Vennie S. Hawley Scholarship
  • The Ishee Scholarship
  • The Edward Bert Lassiter Scholarship
  • The Paul Scholarship
  • The Porter Scholarship
  • The Harold and Josephine Sturdivant Scholarship
  • The Friends of Music (FOM) Scholarship
  • Participation Scholarship for students involved in auditioned ensembles

You can follow the link to find find a detailed list of individual Music Scholarship Requirements.

Anyone who wishes to be considered for scholarship dollars MUST audition.  To be considered, students must be both academically accepted into the university, and artistically accepted into the program.

To apply, follow the simple steps outlined below. Any questions about the application process or requirements should be directed to Linda Volman Lane, Fine Arts Coordinator at (910) 630-7100.

Step 1:

Send us your materials!

  • By January 30, 2021 to be considered for a scholarship
  • By April 30, 2021 to begin the program in the fall of 2021

Please use the following link to fill out the necessary information on paper. This is simply a list of questions to help us know you better.

Audition Application

Step 2:

You will also want to send us a link to a YouTube performance of your audition.  The audition should be recorded live, with video and sound, and should be done in one take.  Please do not edit your video.

  1. Start your recording
  2. State your full name and the program for which you are applying (music performance, music education, music composition, arts management, or a BA in music).
  3. State the date of your recording
  4. Perform the individual required selections for your audition, based upon instrument, and conclude with “You have reached the end of (your name’s) audition. (See Audition Requirements by Instrument here)
  5. Turn off your recording device and upload to YouTube as Unlisted. See How to Upload to YouTube for more information.
  6. Send the link to with your name and “audition” in the subject heading.

Once received, our faculty will view it.  By hearing you perform live, the music professors can evaluate your current level of musicianship and assess where you have the potential to grow.  We will then reach out to you to schedule an interview.  Depending on the COVID situation, this interview may be live, on our campus, or it may be virtual through a Zoom meeting.  Either way, this interview will be on Saturday, February 13.  Please save the date!

Step 3:

Get your recommendations in order.  All potential scholarship students must submit two recommendations from non-familial adults who can tell us about more about you.  We strongly suggest that one recommendation comes from someone who can discuss your potential for academic success and one recommendation comes from someone who can describe your artistic talents as a musician.  These should be mailed and received in the music office no later than one week prior to your audition.  Click here for the recommendation forms.

Step 4:

Apply for admission to the university.  No scholarship dollars can be awarded to a student who has not yet been accepted into the university’s freshman or transfer classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other questions may be answered here: Frequently Asked Questions

If not, contact Linda Volman Lane, Fine Arts Coordinator at (910) 630-7100 for more details.

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