Music Auditions

Anyone interested in music as a degree is encouraged to audition for our program.  Thanks to generous funds gifted from our benefactors, we are able to offer significant scholarship dollars to qualified candidates—in some cases, full tuition awards are granted!

Anyone who wishes to be considered for scholarship dollars MUST audition.  To be considered, students must be both academically accepted into the university, and artistically accepted into the program.

To apply, follow the simple steps outlined below. Any questions about the application process or requirements should be directed to Linda Volman Lane, Fine Arts Coordinator at (910) 630-7100.


Use the following link to register for an audition date. The 2019-20 primary audition days are February 1 and February 15, 2020. These audition dates will receive highest consideration for the Full Tuition Music Scholarship.


Consider attending our Open House day for potential recruits; please call the department of music at (910) 630-7100 for the next scheduled event. Here you will learn all about our programs, as well as about life at Methodist University. You will meet professors, students, and other key staff members who will be able to answer the myriad of questions we know you may have! You will have the opportunity to watch performances and rehearsals, go on a campus tour, and much more!


Consider attending our Audition Preparation Workshop day — this year, our workshop will be held on November 12, 2019. Here you will learn all about the best strategies for auditioning, from what to perform to how to dress; from what might be on a theory assessment to how to handle an interview. This program is open to all middle and high school students and is meant to prepare attendees for honors, all-county, and all-state program auditions, musical auditions, etc., in addition to college music program entrance auditions. You will meet directly with professors, students, and other key staff members who will be able to answer the myriad of questions we know you may have! Register today – the workshop is a free event!

Click here to RSVP for the Audition Preparation Workshop


Get your recommendations in order.  All potential scholarship students must submit two recommendations from non-familial adults who can tell us about more about you.  We strongly suggest that one recommendation comes from someone who can discuss your potential for academic success and one recommendation comes from someone who can describe your artistic talents as a musician.  These should be mailed and received in the music office no later than one week prior to your audition.  Click here for the recommendation forms.


Apply for admission to the university.  No scholarship dollars can be awarded to a student who has not yet been accepted into the university’s freshman or transfer classes.


Prepare for your audition.  Consult our Audition Requirements for specific information related to each instrument.  Generally, though, students can expect to perform two contrasting pieces, sight read, have an interview with the music faculty, complete a theory evaluation, and write an essay while on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If not, contact Linda Volman Lane, Fine Arts Coordinator at (910) 630-7100 for more details.

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