Frequently Asked Questions about Full-Tuition Music Scholarships

Q: When do students find out if they have been awarded the Methodist University Full Tuition Scholarship?

A: Decisions are generally made in early April and students are contacted as soon as possible.

Q: What primarily qualifies a student for this type of award?

A:  The department seeks out exceptionally talented students who, based upon the audition interview, possess an aptitude to be successful as a music student.  The department also looks at each student’s individual character and determines how effectively the student would represent the music department at Methodist University.

Q: What should a student be prepared to do in the audition itself?

A:  Show your breadth and skill as a musician by choosing pieces in contrasting styles (contrasting languages for singers).  Official requirements can be found online.  Be prepared to sight read material that a faculty member may choose to put in front of you.  Also, at the conclusion of the audition, be ready to take a brief music theory diagnostic exam and write a brief essay about yourself.

Q: What if I am not awarded a full tuition scholarship?

A:  The good news is that many scholarships are available at Methodist University.  You may qualify for other types of departmental awards.  Many students combine these departmental awards with other forms of aid.  We encourage students to visit financial aid and to seek out as many types of scholarships as possible.

Q: What if I need an accompanist and don’t have one, even to record the accompaniment for me?

A: Instrumentalists are not required to have an accompanist.  For vocalists, we will make every attempt to provide an accompanist, providing the request and the music is made known well in advance (3 – 4 weeks).

Q: Do those wishing to audition only for ensembles need to attend the audition day?

A: No. Only those who wish to be considered for scholarships within the music degree need to audition during these days.  Choral and Instrumental Ensemble auditions will be scheduled separately by the group’s director.  Contact the director individually for more information.