School of Health Sciences Policy on Disability and Accommodations Testing

Students admitted with a disability that requires accommodation must register with the Office of Accessibility and Disability Services (ADS) at MU upon matriculation in the PA Program or when their disability is diagnosed. They must then follow University policy and procedure in order to have their accommodations applied.  The procedure is outlined below.

  1. In order to qualify for services students must present appropriate documentation of the disability in which the student would like to use in order qualify for services. Documentation standards can be found on the ADS website.
  2. The student MUST schedule an intake appointment with the Coordinator of ADS in order to establish appropriate accommodations.  Letter of Accommodation (LOA) forms will be provided to the student at the intake appointment.
  3. Once accommodation(s) have been established and approved, within 5 business days of the date of the intake appointment the student MUST:
    1. Present a LOA form to each instructor in the course accommodations are being requested.  Each instructor must sign the LOA form, then the program director signs all forms.
    2. Return forms to ADS office.

The completed form MUST be returned to the Coordinator for Accessibility and Disability Services. The document and accommodations are not valid until it has been returned to the Coordinator for ADS.  Accommodations will not be enacted retroactively. All students who are approved for testing accommodations must take all examinations and scheduled quizzes at the ADS office testing rooms.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements for test/quiz dates and times as per the ADS office procedures located on their website.

Students are required to schedule use of the testing rooms two class days in advance and are expected to take exams at the time that coordinates with the classroom exam. For specific scheduling deadlines see their website. However, it is often necessary for students to take an exam at an alternate time to avoid missing another class or when the testing rooms are not available. It is the responsibility of students to work with their professors to arrange for this accommodation.  An exam taken at an alternate time may be arranged no more than one class day after the regularly scheduled exam. Faculty may choose to penalize an exam grade if it is determined the student scheduled the test at a different time from the class without faculty consultation. Students will not be permitted to use the testing rooms on a “walk-in” basis. If they fail to reserve two class days in advance any exam material will be held in Accessibility Resources and the student will be sent back to take the exam with the class. Failure to make appropriate arrangements for testing in the ADS office may result in missing an examination and the resulting score of a zero. Testing accommodations do not apply to lab skills testing or lab practical examinations or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). In the case of unscheduled “pop” quizzes, accommodations will be provided by the instructor based upon the reasonableness of the student’s testing accommodations, space availability and assistance of the program.