Political Science Career Opportunities

Not only are careers associated with the International Relations degree or Public Administration degree personally rewarding, these careers offer very competitive salaries.*

  • City Manager – $106,408
  • Foreign Service Officer – $92,670
  • Assistant City Manager – $88,973
  • Human Resources Director – $80,336
  • Intelligence Analyst – $75,080
  • Director, Non-profit Organization – $69,518
  • Program Analyst – $65,078
*Median salaries listed are from National League of Cities, PayScale.com, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. Department of State websites.

To ensure a Political Science graduate is prepared for life after graduation, the Department of Political Science mentors each major by providing guidance on resume development and effective job searches. The Department of Political Science maintains a current listing of online job search sites geared toward Political Science careers in federal, state, and local government, public administration, and non-profit organizations.