What is a Juris Doctor (J.D.)?

A J.D. (Juris Doctor) is the perfect degree to lead to a range of law-related careers and can be an important background and stepping stone for careers in government, business, higher education, health care, communications, and many other fields. Legal Practice is intellectually challenging and requires the use of ethics, reason and judgment.

How do I prepare for law school?

  • Choose a major that interests you. This is your opportunity to study what you really like. Law schools will look at how you performed in your discipline. A solid GPA will be expected—especially in your major. Taking courses outside your major also demonstrates an intellectual curiosity that is important for law school.
  • Create opportunities for yourself to provide service to others, participate in research, join the pre-law club, and volunteer to work at law firms. Take initiative and show leadership.
  • Contact Wendy Vonnegut, MU’s Pre-Law advisor, as soon as possible!  She can help you get started in your preparation.  Reach her at (910) 630-7491 or

What core skills and values do I need for law school?

A sound foundation for a legal education includes important skills, values, and knowledge. The American Bar Association indicates the importance of these skills including:

  • Analytic/problem solving skills
  • Critical reading
  • Writing skills
  • Oral communication/listening abilities
  • Research skills
  • Task organization/management skills
  • Interest in public service and promotion of justice

For additional Information

Contact Your Pre-Law Advisor

Wendy Vonnegut, Esq.

Wendy Vonnegut, Esq., JD

Director, Legal Studies Program; Professor of Legal Studies
(910) 630-7491
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Wendy Vonnegut, Esq.
Wendy Vonnegut, Esq., JD

Director, Legal Studies Program; Professor of Legal Studies

B.A., University of North Carolina at Wilmington; J.D., Mercer University


Wendy Vonnegut is an Associate professor and Director of the Legal Studies Program at Methodist University. She is the Prelaw Advisor for the University. She has served as the Chair of the Conflict Resolution Committee, and is an academic advisor. She currently serves on the Tenure and Promotion Committee.

Mrs. Vonnegut teaches Business Ethics for the MBA program for Webster University, as well as Negotiations, Procurement and Acquisition Law. Mrs. Vonnegut has also been member of the faculty for the MBA program at Methodist University, teaching Ethics and Corporate Responsibility as well as Business Law.

Mrs. Vonnegut has been an active member of the Fayetteville community, and is a member of  the Board of Directors for the Child Advocacy Center, Legal Aid of Cumberland County, and is a Teen Court Judge. She is a member of the Board of Visitors for Campbell University School of Law. She was one of the 2014 Honorees for Women of Justice Awards given by Lawyers Weekly. She recently received the National Dean Gerald Wilson Award for excellence in prelaw advising.

Memberships & Awards:

  • Member of Washington State Bar Association
  • Past President of the Southern Association of Prelaw Advisors
  • Member of the Northeastern Association of Prelaw Advisors
  • Past Chair of the National Counsel of Prelaw Advisors
  • Winner of the National Gerald Wilson Award for Excellence in Prelaw Advising
  • Honored as one of the Women of Justice awards for the state of North Carolina
  • Co-Author of the article The Legality, Morality and The Ethics of Police Use of Force, published by Jones and Bartlett.
(910) 630-7491
Trustees 215