Bailey Helms

Bailey Helms

Methodist University

My interest in Methodist University’s Physician Assistant Program came early in high school.  In my CNA class, our teacher’s daughter came in to tell us about the PA profession and she went to MUPAP. She talked highly on how personal and encouraging the program was which later helped me come to the decision of what type of program I was looking for.

After my freshman year, I made the decision to transfer to MU to continue my undergraduate coursework, in hope to get a better feel for what was to be expected to be accepted into a program. Methodist was able to offer the comfort of smaller class sizes and a community feel that was personable. Methodist felt like home away from home. I already knew I had a passion for healthcare based on my experience as a certified nursing assistant, and ultimately decided that I wanted to pursue higher education in the medical field.

Despite being a MU undergraduate student, I was nervous during my application cycle to PA school. However, the faculty and staff at the PA program helped me through the process and let me know what would be required of me. During the interview process, there was a clear emphasis placed on being a well-rounded student and interviews were friendly with open conversations.

Since enrolling in the program, the faculty and staff have remained personable and understanding with continuing to push all 40 students to be their very best. After all, PA school is no easy task, but I am beyond thankful for this learning opportunity with an amazing community of people.