Hem Basnet, Ph.D.

Dr. Hem Basnet

M.A., City College of New York; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University


Dr. Hem C. Basnet is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Reeves School of Business at Methodist University. Dr. Basnet teaches both the undergraduate and graduate level Economics and Finance courses. Dr. Basnet’s research areas are Consumer Finance, International Finance, Time Series Analysis, Economic/Monetary Integration and Economic Development. He has published his research in some of the leading Economics journals such as World Development, Journal of Economics and Finance, Applied Economics etc. His research has been widely cited in academic community.

Recent Publications:

Regional Economic Integration in Mercosur: The Role of Real and Financial Sectors, (2017), Review of Development Finance, forthcoming (with Gyan Pradhan).

International Migration, Workers’ Remittances and Permanent Income Hypothesis, (2017), World Development, 96, p438-450 (with Sokchea Lim).

Internet, consumer spending and credit card balance: Evidence from U.S. Consumers (2016), Review of Financial Economics, 30, p11-22 (with Ficawoyi Donou-Adonsou)

Impact of oil price shocks on output, inflation, and the real exchange rate: evidence from selected ASEAN Countries (2015), Applied Economics, 47(29), p3078-3091 (with Kamal Upadhyaya).

Exchange rate movements and policy coordination in Latin America (2015), Journal of Economics and Finance, 39(4), p679-696 (with Subhash Sharma).

Monetary policy synchronization in the ASEAN-5 region: an exchange rate perspective (2015), Applied Economics, 47(1), p100-112 (with Subhash Sharma and Puneet Vatsa).

Do remittances attract foreign direct investment? An empirical investigation (2014), Global Economy Journal; 14 (1), p1-9 (with Kamal Upadhyaya).

Economic integration in Latin America (2013), Journal of Economic Integration, Vol. 28 (4), p551-579 (with Subhash Sharma).