Emily Howson, MFA

Emily Howson

B.A., University of Dayton; M.F.A., North Carolina State University


I began teaching at Methodist University in 2017, which makes me the newest member of the English faculty. I teach writing, and like most teachers, I’ve got a pretty deep belief that what I teach matters. I would argue that there is considerable power in the way that we language (yes, “language” as a verb; when you’re an English instructor, few people have the courage to scold you when you break the official rules). In an increasingly online world, written words (typed ones, anyway) carry the weight of much of our interaction with one another. We have a responsibility to learn to be very careful with them.

My approach to teaching writing prioritizes clarity, structure, precision, and synthesizing information. I am interested in understanding how writing transfers across contexts and modes, in using popular cultural texts to increase student access and authority, and in developing an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) approach to remedial writing courses at Methodist. I have this idea that composing and responding to arguments with great care is an important part of the work of citizens in a democracy.

Prior to Methodist, I taught and directed the writing center at Saint Augustine’s University. My most recent scholarly work has appeared in Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy and Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, and my most recent creative work has appeared in The Florida Review and American Fiction.

I’m an Ohio native, with no impending plans to return. I enjoy spending time with my family (including a toddler, preschooler, spouse, dog, and cat) and reading books.

Courses Taught:

  • Skills Development in English
  • Composition
  • Composition & Introduction to Literature
  • Composition & Rhetoric
  • Reviewing Writing