Kelsey Harmon

Kelsey Harmon

Brigham Young University

Before school, I worked as a Patient Care Tech in a cardiac ICU in Texas and as a Medical Assistant in a dermatology clinic in LA. From the beginning of my application process, my interaction with Methodist has been very positive. While searching for and adding schools to my list, I was consistently impressed with how Methodist stacked up against other programs I was interested in. The PANCE rate is incredible, the class size is small enough to get to know everyone without feeling tiny, and the focus on primary care to underserved populations resonates with me.

Once I landed my interview, I was even more impressed. I felt cared for and informed every step of the way. I had other interviews scheduled, but Methodist sealed the deal for me on that first interview day. It’s cheesy, but it just felt like home when other schools didn’t.

After experiencing real PA student life at Methodist, I can still confirm my initial good impression. While current events have made things challenging, I feel that we are taken care of and getting an amazing education. I love that our professors are still clinicians and deal with patients every week, so I know we are getting real world examples and up to date information.

Having access to a state-of-the-art cadaver lab has also been an incredible opportunity that I don’t take for granted.

While PA school is very challenging, I have wonderful professors and a family of classmates to make it through. That supportive environment has made all the difference. I’m so glad to be a part of the Methodist University PA Program!