Paul Joseph, MA

Paul J. Joseph

B.S., Framingham State College; M.A., Emerson College


Paul J. Joseph has been teaching at Methodist University since 1996 in the field of mass communication.

He acquired his B.S. at Framingham State College in Framingham, Mass., and his M.A. at Emerson College in Boston.  His work experience includes five years of video production in the Boston area where he created video projects, worked as an editor, and did video engineering.  His teaching experience began at EIIC Emerson College in Maastricht, The Netherlands.  Following this, Joseph spent one year at Midland Lutheran College in Nebraska before moving to North Carolina as his permanent home.

Joseph introduced computer-based video editing at Methodist in 1998 and built the University’s video facilities.  An independent film maker, Joseph has produced a number of award-winning projects, including a documentary about epilepsy and two video dramas, one of which was featured in the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival in 2010.  Also during his career at Methodist University, Joseph wrote 10 novels, all of which are currently available in e-book, print, and audible format on  Joseph was chair of the Communication Department for almost 10 years, and he created the foundation for much of what the department is today.  He created the new radio station, designed and built all editing facilities, and crafted the current studio for live production and general use.  He participates regularly with live multi-camera projects on location and supervises student service projects.

Joseph’s current research interests include 3-D graphics for virtual reality and 3-D printing; HD video production in single camera and multi-camera format; and storytelling through writing, video, and animation.

Personal Interests:

  • Bike riding
  • travel
  • photography (medium format)
  • independent film production
  • fiction writing
  • flying