Opportunities for Research & Presentation

CRC Symposium

Students can present their research and creative projects during Methodist University’s annual CRC Symposium. Presentation styles are discipline specific (e.g., performances, readings, or the more traditional oral presentation). Students not wishing to present their material in an oral format can create and display their work in a poster format. (For designing a poster refer to the poster guide.)

The call for proposals for the Tenth Annual (2021) CRC Symposium is now available!

Previous CRC Symposia

Click below to view titles and abstracts from the current and previous CRC Symposia:

Rembrandt Interdisciplinary Presentations

Opportunities for Applied Research

The NC Strategic Partnerships office is facilitating opportunities for applied research with North Carolina state government agencies.

Descriptions of current projects are here and include topics ranging from reentry of formerly incarcerated people to improving voluntary tax compliance to increasing access to affordable, high-speed broadband across the state. There are opportunities for entry-level to highly experienced scientists and for individuals with project management experience. Projects will begin when individuals with needed skills are identified and available and the requesting agency is ready to move forward with the partnership.

Some projects may require funding. This will depend on the nature of the project, level of expertise needed, project time frame, and other factors. Details related to funding, including needs and potential funding sources, can be discussed among the research partners and state agency contacts. The Strategic Partnerships office may be able to assist, depending on a number of factors.

You may contact partnerships@osbm.nc.gov with any questions and learn more about our work from Strategic Partnerships Highlights.

Undergraduate Research & Creativity Fellowship

Students who want to immerse themselves in a culture of research and creativity can become Methodist University URC Fellows. The pathway to becoming a Methodist University URC Fellow is intended to be intense and rigorous. However, upon completion of the program, the successful students will be well-rounded and open-minded and will have had an experience that sets them apart from their peers at MU and other institutions.


The State of North Carolina’s Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium (SNCURCS) is held at a North Carolina University every fall. Methodist University has traditionally had a strong presence at this conference, and it is expected that this trend will continue.

The CRC encourages the students who have conducted collaborative projects to apply and attend this conference, as well as other discipline-specific professional conferences.