MU’s ROTC Leader Receives Military Promotion


On Feb. 12, Kyle Daniels, MU’s chair of Military Science/ROTC and Instructor of Military Science, was promoted to Major in the United States Infantry at an oath and pinning ceremony held in the Union-Zukowski Lobby and Gallery.


Lt. Col. Goodard performed the oath ceremony.

“You can’t be dual military without a strong family unit that supports each other and their career. Sometimes their career takes a back seat, sometimes it takes the lead. It’s great for the Army to retain officers who can raise a family and still meet all their obligations,” said Goodard.

During the ceremony, Daniels was praised by former colleagues for hitting the ground running when he took over the Military Science program and his ability to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. His suggestions were always good ones.

MU’s faculty member Dr. George Hendricks is an advocate of MU’s Military Program and sometimes lends an ear when Daniels needs advice. He thanked Daniels for his service.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have Kyle with us at Methodist University. He is a very special person and special family,” said Hendricks.