Letter from Dr. William Walker, Dean of Students

Dear University Community:

Know MoreThe prevention of sexual violence is an institutional priority at Methodist University. The University is unwavering in its commitment to support survivors of sexual assault, to respond promptly to reports of any type of sexual misconduct, and to investigate and adjudicate reports in a manner that is fair and equitable to all parties involved.

Sexual violence and harassment on campus affects everyone and, as such, the entire campus community must work collectively to create a safe environment in which all members can live, work, and study. Together we can maintain a community where sexual assault, domestic violence, and relationship violence have no place. We want all of our community members to thrive and work to keep each other accountable and safe.

To help educate our community, we are providing this important guide. We encourage you to review Methodist’s policies on the University’s website and in the Student Handbook. Reviewing this important information will increase your knowledge about the support resources available. Of course, we encourage you to use the campus resources to prevent and address sexual violence and harassment.

If you have or know someone who has experienced sexual violence, I encourage you to immediately reach out to University Police at (910) 630-7098 or you may desire to meet with a University counselor. Counselors are available in the Center for Personal Development located in Pearce Residence Hall. They can also be reached at (910) 630-7150.

You are welcome to come by my office located in the Student Affairs suite in the Berns Student Center. You may choose to reach me by phone at (910) 630-7030 or by email, wwalker@methodist.edu. Please do not hesitate to ask for support and guidance. Methodist University provides services and resources to assist all students, faculty, and staff to maintain a strong community.


Dr. William H. Walker
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students


Campus Resources Available:

Reporting Resources

Debra YeattsDr. William H. Walker, Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of StudentsDr. Todd Harris
Ms. Debra Yeatts
Dr. William Walker
Dr. Todd Harris

Emergency Contacts

  • Methodist University Public Safety/Welcome Center, (910) 630-7098 (24 hours)
  • Methodist University Police, 7577 (24 hours)

Confidential Resources Available:

Medical Care

Lynetta GeddieDave Baggett
Ms. Lynetta Geddie
Director, Health Center
Mr. Dave Baggett, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Support Services

Dr. Deirdre JacksonValarie McCantsElizabeth WarrenRev. Kelli Taylor
Dr. Deirdre Jackson
Ms. Valarie McCants
Ms. Elizabeth Warren
Rev. Kelli Taylor
  • Methodist University Counseling Center: (910) 630-7150
  • Vice President for Religious Life & University Chaplain