Academic Clubs

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Accounting Club

The Methodist University Accounting Club offers accounting and non-accounting students the opportunity to network with accounting professionals and faculty. Students may become involved in local, state and national professional accounting organizations. The Accounting Club is active in local community projects, has guest speakers and regular meetings. This club is a good source of first-hand information about the accounting profession, graduate school, CPA requirements and a resource for any student thinking about accounting as a career.

Dr. Mary Kirchner, (910) 630-7048,

American Marketing Association

American Marketing Association logoMembership in the AMA connects you to marketers across all specialties to collaborate, network, gain practical experience and empower your career. You’ll get industry knowledge and insights along with everyday resources that will help you in the classroom and beyond. Your chapter will help you gain valuable experience managing finances, people, projects and deadlines – perfect leadership skills to highlight on your resume! Collegiate chapters focus on professional development, community service and fundraising as well hosting activities like Marketing Week, with marketing speakers, etiquette dinners, open houses and more.

Dr. Hamid Abbassi, (910) 630-7642,

Biology & Ecology Club

The Methodist University Biology & Ecology Club is designed to bring students and faculty together outside of the classroom. We have bi-monthly meetings where we discuss new projects, interests, and ideas. In the past, we have taken group trips to the zoo and aquarium. We also invite outside speakers to lend insight into the different careers available in science. We are involved in a number of projects here at the University and would like to branch out to the community. No matter where you fit into the variety of interest areas which together make up the broad field we call Biology, you will enjoy and gain something from our club.

Qualifications: Any Biology student is eligible to join.
Dr. Scott Robertson, (910) 482-5775,

Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club is an organization open to anyone with an interest in science, specifically chemistry. The focus of this group is to raise awareness about chemistry in everyday life in a fun and educational manner. Events include chemistry magic shows, earth day projects, green chemistry events, fundraisers, etc. Some events are held in conjunction with other groups such as the Biology & Ecology Club and the Math Club.

Dr. Eun Hoo Kim, (910) 630-7433,

Club Management Association of America (Student Chapter) and Resort Management Club

The Methodist University CMAA Student Chapter was given official status in 2011 at the CMAA World Conference on Club Management in New Orleans. The club is open to all students, however, travel priority is given to Resort, Club and Hospitality program students. The CMAA is a professional organization that supports students and their hospitality management careers through education, networking, training, certification and internship opportunities. Members of our chapter attend every year at least two students’ educational sessions, The World Conference, and several local and regional meetings. We participate also in golf activities sponsored by member Clubs to raise funds for group activities. The Registration fee is $50.00 annually. The SGA supports our club with generous grants for travel and activities.

O.Z. Hamzah, (910) 630-7309,

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club provides an open forum where students from the CSC Department, as well as students from any discipline on campus, to come together and discuss the newest technology and concepts in the information technology arena. The computer science club uses its platform to promote safe and responsible computing among its members, and the exposure of their talents to potential employers.

Dr. Bing Qi, (910) 630-7129,

Criminal Justice & Forensic Science Association

The Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Association is an organization designed to help those who are interested in Justice Studies. The organization integrates those in several disciplines including Chemistry, Forensic Sciences, Biology, and Justice Studies. Members are given opportunities to learn and network with top professionals in fields like Law Enforcement, Forensic Chemistry Biology, Forensic Psychology, and more both on and off campus. One of the most active organizations on campus, CJFSA has offered experiences like touring the FBI Academy, participating in the Army Ten-Miler in Washington DC, touring North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation forensic labs, and attending professional conferences all over the country. CJFSA is designed to set our students apart from those in other universities, giving Methodist University students an advantage in a competitive job market. The organization is open to students with an interest in justice studies and/or forensic science.

Dr. Steve Downs, (910) 630-7581,

Cyber Forensics Club

The purpose of the Cyber Forensics Club is to bring together students of the Methodist University, who are interested in the principles and procedures of the Criminal Justice System and/or Forensic Science, and who wish to encourage the advancement of professionalism within those systems. To promote and support programs within Methodist University and the surrounding communities that advances the prevention, detection, and control of crime both traditional and cybercrime. To educate and assist members in networking with criminal justice, forensic science professionals, and to foster fellowship among members.

Sabrina Koncaba, (910) 630-7516,

Debate/Forensics Team

The purpose of the Debate Team is to educate and refine students in the art of competing in Debate national tournaments. These tournaments are held annually across the United States. We are also looking to launch a semi-annual tournament on campus to involve more alumni and current students.

Brenda Mitchell, (910) 630-7653,

Debate/Forensics Web Site

Dr. Harvey Estes Society (Physician Assistant Club)

The Dr. Harvey Estes Student Society serves as the official organization for the Physician Assistant students of Methodist University. This organization’s purpose is to serve as an affiliated society of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants (NCAPA), and act as an official liaison with other state recognized Physician Assistant student societies, local medical societies, and community health care providers. Members are to promote academic achievement and clinical excellence, the role of the Physician Assistant as a member of the health care delivery team, and to work toward the betterment of the surrounding Fayetteville community. Students are to remain cognizant of current developments in medicine and indefinitely strive to further their own medical knowledge.

Qualifications: All Physician Assistant students enrolled in the Methodist University Physician Assistant Program are eligible for membership.
Jennifer Mish, (910) 630-7615,

Economics Club

The purpose of the Economics Club is to foster the advancement of the economic science and serve MU community by informing them of and providing literature on economic issues. The group activities, such as guest lectures, promote a better understanding of social sciences and facilitate interaction among students and faculty on economic ideas and course information. It is the way to assist Methodist University in developing “whole person who will contribute substantially and creatively to the professions and to civic life.”

Dr. Josiah Baker, (910) 630-7477,

Engineering Club

The MU Engineering Club is an organization open to anyone on campus interested in engineering in general. The focus of the group is to have a good time talking about and using engineering as it relates to current events, possible club projects, and community service projects. The Engineering Club will work in conjunction with the IISE Methodist University Student Chapter to bring in speakers, visit engineering companies, host Engineering Week events, travel to conferences, and hold fundraisers. The Engineering Club’s main focus is to increase awareness of how engineering affects society on a daily basis.

Dr. Denise Bauer, (910) 482-5607,

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club at Methodist University fosters and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.  We collaborate and connect to spark ideas, start projects, and build businesses.  Although the Entrepreneurship Club is housed in the Reeves School of Business, the Entrepreneurship Club is opened to all MU students.  Students outside of the Reeves School of Business are encouraged to join.

Dr. Jon-David Knode, (910) 630-7095,

Environmental & Occupational Management Club

The Environmental & Occupational Management Club is designed to promote the importance of environmental education for sustainable development locally and globally. This club offers a myriad of fun activities, through volunteering and networking with environmental and safety organizations and agencies, to encourage studies of campus and local environments and participation in environmental problem solving. Through participation member will increase environmental literacy and the quality of their educational experience.

Dr. Iman Moore, (910) 630-7136,

Exercise and Sport Science Club

The purpose of this organization is to bring together exercise and sport science majors with other students interested in the field in an effort to promote the field of exercise science. We bring our club together by bringing in outside speakers in order to further our knowledge about professions within the exercise science field. We have also hosted events on campus such as a volleyball tournament, ugly sweater 5k and Neon run. It is also one of our goals each year to attend at least one conference including the Southeast American College of Sport Medicine (SEACSM) or American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) conferences. Anyone can join who has an interest in exercise science. To remain an active member, you must attend one event per semester.

Dr. Amanda Ransom, (910) 630-5415,

Global Fellows Program

Methodist University strives to influence a well-balanced and knowledgeable student body. The Global Fellows Program enables choice students to participate and complete selected activities focused on global and cultural issues leading toward recognition as a Global Fellow and possibly as a Methodist University Distinguished Global Citizen (minor required).

Dr. Cristina Francescon, (910) 630-7082,

Global Fellows Program Web Site

Golf Association

The Methodist University Golf Association (MUGA) is a student organization for PGA Golf Management students. The MUGA provides events where students learn the skills and gain work experience in their chosen career paths. For example, the MUGA runs the tournament program for the Monarch Tour, the Majors, and any other golf tournaments hosted on campus. In addition to providing work experience for the students the MUGA also hosts many fun events and golf activities targeted towards growing participation in the game of golf and retention within the PGA Golf Management program.

Qualifications: To be an active member of the MUGA the student must be enrolled in the PGA Golf Management program.
Alexander Jones, (910) 630-7689,

Health Occupation Students of American (HOSA)

The primary purpose of the Methodist University HOSA is to serve the needs of its members and strengthen the Health Science Education (HSE)-HOSA Partnership in the following ways: develop physical, mental and social well-being, leadership, character and citizenship, ethical practices and respect for the dignity of work, foster self-actualization of each member which contributes to meeting the individual’s psychological, social and economic needs, build the confidence of students, promote inter-organizational relationships with professional groups, businesses, industries and other organizations, and to recognize individual achievement in scholarship, occupational skills or services rendered, by providing recognition and awards.

Dr. Jamie Robbins, (910) 480-8517,

Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Methodist University Student Chapter

The IISE Methodist University Chapter provides leadership opportunities within the Industrial and Systems Engineering major, and its members will represent the industrial engineering profession and department responsibly and honestly. The Chapter will provide programs that encourage and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the profession. IISE is a student chapter of the National IISE that focuses on bringing industrial and systems engineering students together to engage in academic, social, and community service events as well as prepare them for life in the area of Industrial Engineering. The IISE Methodist University Student Chapter will work in conjunction with the Engineering Club to bring in speakers, visit engineering companies, host Engineering Week events, travel to conferences, and hold fundraisers.

Dr. Denise Bauer, (910) 482-5607,

Mathematics Club

The math club gives students the opportunity to meet monthly and discuss topics, participate in events, and socialize around a math-themed topic.

Dr. Jie Zhou, (910) 480-8401,

Men in Nursing

The Men in Nursing purpose is to educate nursing students and promote their involvement in a professional nursing organization at Methodist University.

Tom Johnston, (910) 480-8423,

Men in Nursing Web Site

MU Reports News Show

MU Reports is the official television news production club of Methodist University. Every semester, we share a diverse collection of news stories concerning our campus and surrounding communities. Founded in 2016, MU Reports is open to anyone who is interested in learning and practicing broadcast journalism using professional techniques and production equipment. Members produce news programs in our state of the art studio as they actively practice news writing/reporting, interviewing, videography and photojournalism skills.

Qualifications: students of all majors are welcome.

Dr. Kevin Swift, (910) 630-7066,

National Association for Music Education

National Association for Music Education logoThe purpose of this organization is to make opportunities available to students for professional development; acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the music profession; provide all members with the opportunity to become acquainted with leaders in the music profession through participation in programs, demonstrations, discussions, workshops, seminars, and performances planned by the chapter, the North Carolina Music Educators Association, and NAfME; assist the University in various projects throughout the year; provide the opportunity to have contact with collegiate members from other schools, and support local schools in their own musical endeavors.

Qualifications: Membership is open to all students of Methodist University who are members of the music program or would like to support music at MU. Any student who is enrolled in an institution with a collegiate chapter and who is not employed full-time in the field of music education is eligible for collegiate membership. Each member is expected to participate in and support all chapter activities.
Dr. Michael Martin, (910) 630-7153,

Novelties (English Club)

Novelties is the English Department Club. Every semester we offer the opportunity for students to see a performance, either a film or a play, based on a literary text. In the past, we’ve taken students to see local performances of Lysistrata and Shakespeare’s As You like It at the Gilbert Theater, and we’ve also seen films like Beowulf and Alice in Wonderland. We’ve also traveled to Greensboro for the Triad Theater’s production of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. All of these are free and open to all students.

Qualifications:There are no qualifications to be a part of Novelties. Though many students are English and/or Writing majors, all students are welcome!
Dr. Cameron Dodworth, (910) 480-8571,

Physical Education & Health Education/Exercise Science Club

The Physical Education & Health Education Majors’ Club is designed for Physical Education and Health Education majors, with teacher licensure and non-teaching licensure, majors and minors.

Qualifications: The club is open to any Methodist University student.
Dr. Amanda Ransom, (910) 482-5415,
Dr. Greg Stewart, (910) 482-5402,

Professional Tennis Management Student Association

PTMSA is a club open to anyone with an interest in tennis and the tennis industry. As our PTM program at Methodist University is the best in the country, our goal is build our students into coaches and active members in the tennis and racquet industry. We have many group activities including “World Team Tennis” games, trips to Pro events, and other tennis clubs in the area and opportunities to further our tennis education both on the court and in the classroom. We work towards building the coach, the player and the individual.

Professor Scott Handback, (910) 630-7147,

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an organization whose purpose is to enable students from any major to gain hands on experience with Psychology and to utilize Psychology to improve the campus environment. The Psychology Club gives students the opportunity to interact with the Psychology faculty, to visit local sites relevant to Psychology and to participate in activities such as National Psychology Screening days.

Qualifications: Anyone can be part of the Psychology Club. All are welcome.
Dr. Mark Kline, (910) 630-7535,


The Methodist University Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Club, is established in order to enhance the quality of Methodist University ROTC Cadets. This organization will provide an environment that promotes healthy socializing, as well as honing the Scholar, Athlete, Leader trifecta that is required of modern Army Officers by providing enriched atmosphere that promotes cultural awareness, scholarship, and physical health.

Qualifications: Active membership is confined to students who are enrolled in a Methodist University military science course, and active participants in the Methodist ROTC program.
CPT Kyle Daniels, (910) 630-7693,

ROTC Program Web Site

Social Work Club

The purpose of the Social Work Club is to unite Social Work Majors/Minors and others interested in the profession together in an organization that will provide support for members as a group, and provide services to the community and to the student body.

Qualifications: The candidate must be a Methodist University student.
Tracey Hinds, (910) 630-7059,

Sport Management Club

Is a student-run organization that hosts campus events related to sport event management and other issues and activities within the sport and entertainment industry. SMC seeks to provide learning experiences and social activities that help prepare students to become leaders within the business of sport. SMC events take place on the first Monday of every month, and the group meets once a week.

Qualifications: Members must be a student, faculty, or staff member at Methodist University.
Dr. Denny Scruton, (910) 480-8453,

Student Athletic Training Association (MUSATA)

The Methodist University Student Athletic Training Association is an organization for student athletic trainers accepted into the Methodist University Athletic Training Program. It is an opportunity for them to further their education by gaining leadership experience, participating in volunteer and community activities, attending professional symposiums and conferences and enhancing their teamwork and social networking skills. Students participate in club fundraising events, community outreach, and organize the annual Play 4Kay 4K run/walk to benefit breast cancer research.

Qualifications: MUSATA is open to any student accepted into the Methodist University Athletic Training Program.
Dr. Hugh Harling, (910) 630-7418,


Student North Carolina Association of Educators

The Student North Carolina Association of Educators is a pre-professional organization for undergraduate and graduate students interested in a career in education. Through NCAE, workshops are offered free of charge in areas such as No Child Left Behind, PRAXIS and MTEL preparation, Diversity in the Classroom, and Classroom Management for the New Teacher. Also, it allows students and the University to be recognized among the community supporting education within Cumberland County.

Dr. Patricia Fecher, (910) 630-7374,

Student Nurses Association (MUSNA)

The purpose of the Methodist University Student Nurses Association (MUSNA) is to provide pre-nursing and nursing students opportunities to engage in community service projects, develop leadership skills, and form lasting friendships. The MUSNA is a local chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) and also serves to mentor the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitate their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources and career guidance.

Qualifications: Be either a pre-nursing or nursing student.
Mitzi Averette, (910) 630-7591,

MUSNA Web Site

Undergraduate Research & Creativity (URC) Fellows Program

Students who want to immerse themselves in a culture of research and creativity can become Methodist University URC Fellows. The pathway to becoming a Methodist University URC Fellow is intended to be intense and rigorous. However, upon completion of the program, the successful students will be well-rounded and open-minded and will have had an experience that sets them apart from their peers at MU and other institutions.

Dr. Cameron Dodworth, (910) 480-8571,

URC Fellows Program Web Site