Writing Center Student Consultation Agreement

This form constitutes an agreement between the student and the Writing Center staff regarding the services provided by the Writing Center. In order to use our services students must agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

  1. A primary goal of the Writing Center is to offer Methodist University students a safe, comfortable environment in which they can receive professional feedback on, and support for, all their academic writing.
  2. Writing Center consultants do not write papers for students; consultants are trained to guide student writers through the writing process and to help them edit and proof their own work.
  3. Consultants do not evaluate writing; they do not assign grades, nor do they speculate in any way about the grades that students might receive.
  4. Consultants do not discuss instructors nor the grading policies of instructors.
  5. Students are expected to abide by the Methodist University Honor Code, which prohibits cheating (including plagiarism), theft, and academic misrepresentation. A Writing Center consultant who finds a violation of this Honor Code is responsible to report the violation to the Academic Standards committee.
  6. Students are allowed a maximum of five scheduled consultations per week for all of their writing needs. However, there is no limit to the number of walk-in appointments students may have.  To check for walk-in appointment availability, students should come to the Writing Center on the hour.
  7. Appointments must be made online at http://methodist.mywconline.com. Walk-ins are permitted if a Writing Consultant is available.
  8. For each consultation, a “Consultation Form” will be completed by the consultant and provided to the student and his or her instructor.
  9. Appointments begin on the hour and last 45 minutes. Students are required to be on-time for their appointments. A scheduled appointment will be released and marked as a “no show” at 15 minutes past the hour.
  10. NO SHOW POLICY: To make scheduling appointments as fair as possible for everyone, missed appointments will be considered “no shows.” Upon receiving two “no shows” in a semester, any future appointments will be canceled and the student will be prohibited from making any appointments for the remainder of the semester. Students with two “no shows” may still receive assistance on a walk-in basis. Students may cancel appointments at any time prior to their appointment time with no penalty.