Writing Center Basics

  1. We offer guidance no matter where you are in the writing process. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, we can help with brainstorming.  We can work with you to clarify the organization of your paper, to make your writing clearer and more concise, and to make sure you have all the elements you need, use your outside sources correctly, and avoid plagiarism.  If you need another set of eyes to look for errors in grammar, punctuation, citation format and the like, we can offer feedback. We can also help with resumes, creative writing, and other work. We’re glad to work with you whether or not the writing is for a class.  You can even get help with grammar issues or reading comprehension. Always have your assignment accessible to your consultant.  
  1. We review your writing with you; we do not edit. We listen to you, and we read your draft (if any) and offer feedback and recommendations.  You decide what changes to make.
  1. The Writing Center offers in person and distance consultations at this time.
  1. Consultations with professional consultants are set up by appointment, as are most consultations with student consultants. Same day, walk-in appointments may be available with student consultants.  To schedule a consultation with a consultant, book an appointment in our scheduling system, WCONLINE, at https://methodist.mywconline.com (you also have a link on your myMU Portal).  Sending drafts or requests by email does not substitute for scheduling an appointment.
  1. Read the Writing Center Student Consultation Agreement.
  1. We offer three kinds of consultations: Face-to-Face, Online, and eTutoring.
  • Face-to-Face is our most interactive format. A few minutes before your appointment, please come to the Writing Center, which is located in Davis Memorial Library. You do not need to have anything written, but if you do, please make two copies. You will then meet with your consultant personally to talk about your writing.
  • Online enables you to discuss your writing with a professional consultant in real time. A link in your WCONLINE appointment opens a shared screen and a videoconference link.  You can upload a paper to this shared platform or attach your document to your appointment.  At the time of the appointment, you and your consultant can choose to use the videoconference or chat function, or you can connect by phone to discuss the paper.  You can find instructions to make an Online appointment at Consultation How-Tos.
  • eTutoring is a less interactive format, but this format allows your consultant to more closely analyze what you have written. For this appointment type, you attach a draft paper to the WCONLINE reservation, and you do not have to be available in real time for the consultation.  At the appointed time, the professional consultant reviews the draft, inserts comments in the paper‘s margin, and uploads the new document to the WCONLINE reservation.  You can read this new document whenever convenient.  You can find instructions to make an eTutoring appointment at Consultation How-Tos.
  1. Book appointments early. Our services are in demand, and the schedule can fill up fast.
  1. We cannot guarantee grades but are confident your writing will improve the more you work with us.
  1. Heed the No-Show Policy. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, call the WC and email your consultant to let them know you’ll be late; if you neither show up nor contact your consultant, you are marked as a No-Show. If you miss two appointments in this way, your WCONLINE account is locked and future appointments are canceled. You can contact the Writing Center’s director to explain any extenuating circumstances and to reinstate the account at her discretion. 
  1. Please contact the Writing Center if you need help scheduling appointments in WCONLINE , getting on the Waiting List, signing up for text message alerts, and so on. To contact the Writing Center, call (910) 630-7264 or email writingcenter@methodist.edu.