Consultation Formats

All consultations begin on the hour and last up to 45 minutes. Regardless of the format, consultants provide feedback and suggestions for every stage of the writing process—from brain-storming to citations to final revisions.

Degree-holding professional consultants conduct the following three types of consultations:

  • Face-to-Face Consultations
  • Online (Chat) via WC Online
  • eTutoring (Upload Document) via WC Online

Here’s what to expect during each consultation format:

Face-to-Face Consultations

  • This is our most interactive format.
  • The client and consultant meet in the Writing Center, face-to-face.
  • The client should bring assignment instructions to the appointment.
  • The client should bring any portion of an outline or draft to the appointment, if the client has gotten that far into the process.
  • Consultants can, and often, assist in brainstorming ideas, so it is important to remember that clients are never required to bring a draft to the appointment.

Online (Chat) Via WC Online

  • Meet a consultant online from any location with internet access.
  • Chat in real time using WC Online’s chat/messaging interface, or talk by phone.
  • You and your consultant can view your draft and move the cursor to point out issues.
  • Consultations are archived in WC Online for review at any point in the semester.

eTutoring (Upload Document) via WC Online

  • This is our least interactive consultation format.
  • Upload your document to your WC Online appointment.
  • Your consultant will review the document and provide written feedback.
  • Your reviewed document will then be uploaded to your appointment on WC Online to be viewed at your convenience.

To learn how to use the formats, visit Using WC Online for a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions.