Writing Center Consultation How-Tos

WCONLINE is the online scheduling platform that Writing Center clients use to make appointments with writing consultants.

We open the schedule the first day of classes, and you can book appointments for the entire semester.

If you want a consultation TODAY, or if your schedule is not that tight but there aren’t any appointments available for a week or three, you can join the Waiting List in WCONLINE to be notified when someone cancels an appointment and creates an opening (see below).

Learn more below, from registering for a WCONLINE account to setting up and making use of our consultation types: Online, eTutoring, and Face-to-Face.

About Consultations

  • Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Consultations begin on the hour and last 45 minutes.
  • Book back-to-back appointments for a longer consultation.
  • Make your writing assignment available.

How to Register for a WCONLINE Account


Appointment Setting Instructions


Waiting List