Writing Center: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is located in the Davis Memorial Library, Room 111, adjacent to the reference desk and directly across from the Monarch Tutoring and Testing Center.

Why should I come to the Writing Center?

Because consultants are writers themselves, students receive informed and quality feedback from the Writing Center. Our goal is not only to help you with current projects but also to foster the skills and confidence necessary for your continued improvement and academic success.

Will a consultant correct my paper for me?

Our ultimate goal is to assist you in becoming a better writer. Therefore writing consultants are professionals who work with you as a coach does: guiding through the writing process and helping you learn how to correct your own mistakes.

What happens during a consultation?

Typically, you will engage in a 45-minute conversation with a consultant about your writing. If you have special concerns, those concerns will be addressed. If you have no specific concerns, you and the consultant may discuss any aspect of your writing project or process. The consultant will ask questions to lead you to clarify your ideas, sentences, and paragraphs in order to strengthen your paper.

I got my paper back and I don’t understand what I did wrong. Can you help?

Yes. We recommend that you first speak with your instructor and then make an appointment to discuss your paper with a consultant, who will address the issues raised in your paper and help to formulate a strategy to improve.

How will my instructor know that I have used the Writing Center?

At the end of each appointment, your consultant will complete an appointment summary that is emailed to you and your professor. This summary provides details of what you and your consultant worked on during your appointment.

What will my instructor think about my visiting the Writing Center?

The feedback the Writing Center receives from professors is extremely positive. The Writing Center enjoys support from the MU community, and many professors encourage or require students to visit the Writing Center for their classes.

May I bring my take-home exam to the Writing Center?

Unless you are already directed to bring the exam to the Writing Center, you must ask your instructor for permission before working with a consultant on a take-home exam. Remember, it is your responsibility to know the instructions given to you regarding take-home exams.

I have been assigned a writing project that is 10 or more pages. Can you help me with all of my paper?

It is important to keep the following in mind: you and your consultant will review as many pages of your draft as possible; however, it is unlikely that the entire document can be reviewed in a single 45-minute appointment. However, we hope that we have given you the tools to address your writing concerns/needs by the end of your appointment(s). Of course, you can also separate your paper in sections and make multiple appointments if you wish to cover most of the document.
If you have a large paper as part of a group, please see our group policy.

I am a member of a group assigned to a writing project. May all members come to a face-to-face appointment?

Of course we welcome groups in all of our appointment formats; however when coming to the Writing Center for a face-to-face appointment as a group, please see our group policy to book the appointment. We are not able to accommodate more than three group members at a time in the Writing Center, so follow the group policy instructions to book the room needed and how to alert the consultant.

If you work with a consultant for one of our online formats, it is not possible for the consultant to work with more than one group member at a time. However, each group member should be able to see the suggestions/comments from the consultant at the discretion of the student who made the appointment. Keep in mind that no student should give out their username and password for any reason, even if it is just to share consultant comments.

As usual when making your appointment, tell us if there are specific concerns you want to address by using the box in the appointment form so that the consultant can bring the necessary resources to the appointment.

What are the “Dirty Dozen” grammar errors I keep hearing about?

The Dirty Dozen is a list of the twelve most common errors in English writing. Because instructors in the English and Writing Department, professors of writing intensive classes, and other Methodist University instructors usually emphasize these errors, the Writing Center offers a Dirty Dozen workshop series each fall. We also provide online resources designed to test your grammar knowledge with the Writing Center’s Dirty Dozen Quiz Series.

What is the “From Classroom to Career” Writing Series?

In response to a need across campus to provide a series focusing on research, the Writing Center designed the From Classroom to Career Writing Series. Some of the workshops include the fundamentals of research, paper formatting, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Some of my friends told me about the Writing Studio. What is that?

Beginning in Spring 2018, the Writing Center began a weekly Writing Studio each Tuesday. The Writing Studio allows students to write in a collaborative environment—ask peers and consultants for input while the student writes. Students do not need to sign up for the Writing Studio beforehand; they just need to show up at the Writing Center with their own computer and work.

I have some suggestions for improving the Writing Center. Where can I send them?

We are always happy to hear from you. We ask you to complete a short survey at the end of each appointment, regardless of the appointment format. Additionally, you may email your suggestions and comments to writingcenter@methodist.edu. You may also leave suggestions in the Writing Center suggestion box located right outside of the Writing Center.

If I have questions, how do I contact the Writing Center?

You can contact the Writing Center by calling (910) 630-7264. Keep in mind that if consultants are busy, we may not be able to answer the phone. However, if you leave a clear, detailed message, a consultant will return your call within 24 hours. Also, you can contact us via email at writingcenter@methodist.edu. You should receive a response email within 24 hours.