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Your writing doesn’t always take place during Writing Center hours.  And you can’t always remember what the first steps are in writing a paper or how to figure out your thesis statement or what the seven “fanboys” conjunctions are. Then again, some of you just like to learn all you can on your own. So we’ve put together some resources our Writing Center has developed, as well as some outside online resources, that can provide guidance and support as you write, even when you can’t talk with us.  Please let us know if we’ve missed a really great resource.

HANDOUTS—a good place to start: We have so many they have their own page!

The Dirty Dozen—serious and common grammar errors (We offer live, remote DD Workshops in the fall semester. Also, you’ll find handouts addressing all the DDs on the Handouts page.)

Plagiarism vs. Using Sources Properly—Plagiarism is a kind of theft—stealing the work and ideas of others by not giving them proper credit—and it has seriously bad consequences.  At the Writing Center, we like to focus on the positive, which is this: Learn how to properly incorporate material from outside sources and cite those sources, and you will never commit plagiarism.  Here’s a collection of our resources from both the positive perspective (learn how to use sources properly) and the negative (plagiarism and how to avoid it).

General guidance:



Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style:


Legal Citations:

Writing for Success: From Research to Real World—This workshop series is the WC’s comprehensive HOW-TO for developing and writing a research paper.

Style & Documentation/Citation Requirements

Grammar & Style