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A student picks up a handout in the Writing Center

Writing does not always take place during Writing Center hours. So, what happens if you cannot remember the first steps in writing a paper, how to construct a thesis statement, or what the seven “fanboys” conjunctions are? No need to worry. You can use the following resources to help get you through until you can chat with your consultant.

HANDOUTS—a good place to start: We have so many they have their own page!

The Dirty Dozen—serious and common grammar errors

Plagiarism vs. Using Sources Properly—Plagiarism occurs when proper credit is not given to the original author or creator. Sometimes, this can happen unintentionally, especially when reading, discussing, and writing about so many ideas. Learning to properly incorporate source material can help you steer clear of plagiarism. We have provided a few resources to help.

General guidance:



Turabian/Chicago Manual of Style:


Legal Citations:

Writing for Success: From Research to Real World—This workshop series is the WC’s comprehensive HOW-TO for developing and writing a research paper.

Style & Documentation/Citation Requirements

Grammar & Style