Writing Center Workshops

In addition to consultations, the Writing Center offers writing workshops. The Dirty Dozen workshop series is featured each fall, and we often offer the Writing for Success workshop series in the spring. In addition, we provide presentations at the request of professors. Workshops are conducted online at present.

Dirty Dozen Workshops: Fall 2021

The eight-part, 45-minute Dirty Dozen workshops are designed to help writers recognize and avoid grammatical errors that are both common and serious. Mastering the Dirty Dozen will help make your writing clear and direct.

  • Workshop 1 | Sept. 13 | Fragments, Fused Sentences and Comma Splices
  • Workshop 2 | Sept. 20 | Common Comma Rules
  • Workshop 3 | Sept. 27 | Subject/Verb Agreement
  • Workshop 4 | Oct. 4 | Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement and Vague/Unclear Pronouns
  • Workshop 5 | Oct. 18 | Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
  • Workshop 6 | Oct. 25 | Parallel Structure
  • Workshop 7 | Nov. 1 | Inappropriate Shift in Person/Tense
  • Workshop 8 | Nov. 8 | Apostrophes and Faulty Predication

For a quick summary, see The Dirty Dozen, with Examples and Correlation to Handouts. For more informative content, we encourage you to take advantage of the Dirty Dozen videos and PDFs at our Student Resources page and the grammar handouts on our Handouts page.  You can also schedule a Writing Center consultation to work one-on-one with a consultant on grammar issues.

Writing for Success: From Research to Real World

This workshop series is the WC’s comprehensive HOW-TO for developing and writing a research paper. We have not determined yet if the series will be offered in the Spring 2022 semester, but we may present some components. We’ll give you notice if we do. In the meantime, we encourage you take a look at the presentation materials on our Student Resources page. And, of course, you can obtain guidance on all the same writing issues by scheduling a one-on-one Online consultation with a writing consultant.

Faculty Information

 Faculty, you are welcome to attend any of the WC workshops. If you would like to schedule a consultant to give a presentation or workshop to your class, please email us at writingcenter@methodist.edu, indicating the content and desired dates (give us a few options), and we’ll get back to you shortly.