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Professor Paul J. Joseph

Chair, Department of Communication
Associate Professor of Mass Communications

Office: T-218
Phone: (910) 630-7052

Mailing Address:

Methodist University
Department of Communication
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311


  • M.A. - Emerson College
  • B.S. in Communication Arts - Framingham State College

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

  • Television
  • multimedia
  • independent film and video production
  • web page design
  • 3-D graphics
  • desktop publishing

Research Interests

  • I am primarily interested in independent film production as well as video production for a variety of interests.
  • I am also interested in interactive technologies and new applications for video and multimedia.
  • I have worked with podcasting and other means of modern video/audio distribution.
  • I have used 3-D graphics in multimedia and in independent film.
  • Finally, I am interested in new approaches to multimedia and Virtual reality


  • Bike riding
  • travel
  • photography (medium format)
  • independent film production
  • fiction writing
  • flying

Recent Professional Projects

2010 Co-Producer/Director/Editor of The Project. This independent gothic horror film was produced entirely in high definition and was mastered on Blu-Ray with 5.1 surround sound. It was based on an original short story. The Project will be submitted to film festivals and will be available for local distribution.

Please see for more details

2009 Producer/Director/Author of the audio podcast of Marker Stone. This narrated novel is available on

Please see my work at

2009 Producer/Director/Author of the audio podcase of Homesick. This narrated novel is available on

2008 Producer/Director of An Evening of Musical Fright. This live multicamera producton was based on a musical performance in Reeves Auditorium directed by Larry Wells. The finished product was made available to all interested parties.

2007 Producer/Director of Tchaikovsky's Triumphant Fourth. This live multicamera production of the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra took place in November of 2007 and includes a four-camera view of the musicians and the conductor. The audio was produced in stereo from multiple microphone positions. The project was complted for the conductor, Fouad Fakori, for his use and for distribution to the orchestra members and friends.

2007 Producer/Director of The Ultimate Case (version 2). This updated video drama tells the same story as the previous version, but uses professional actors and more updated equipment. The project was shot in 16:9 aspect ratio, involved the use of microphotography and rhotoscoping as well as cutting-edge video enhancements. The final product will include updated subtitles and featurettes.

Please see

2006 Producer/Director of The Ultimate Case. This video drama explores the nature of good and evil and provides an interesting commentary of the purpose of evil. It explores a hypothetical scenario in which the devil wants to repent and needs to hire a lawyer. The program was produced on DVD and included many special features such as commentary track, subtitles, and outtakes.

2006 Co-Producer of The Helping Hand Promotional Video. This project introduces the non-profit organization "The Helping Hand," which provides companion and living aid to handicapped people in the North Carolina area. The project was produced on DVD and is currently in its final review.

2005 Co-Produce/Technical Support for The Salvation Army Introductory Video. This project, produced by Jerry Taylor, introduces the Fayetteville chapter of the Salvation Army and its current leadership.

2005 Co-Producer of The Highland Presbyterian Church Introductory Video. This project, currently in production, introduces the history and activities of the Highland Presbyterian church in Fayetteville North Carolina

2005 Produce of Umicore Employee and Contractor Safety Training Video Update, Maxton Plant Site. This updated program was created on DVD and involved a separate menu for contractors and employees. The program also included updated information relating to security as well as safety. This program was distributed to Umicore sites internationally.

2005 Present Producer/Partner in Venture Productions, a video production company based in North Carolina. The purpose of Venture productions is to manage corporate and industrial video as well as various artistic projects.

2004 Producer of Umicore Contractor Safety Training Video, Maxton Plant Site, a program intended to train and educate employees of Umicore in proper safety protocol and practices while working around dangerous equipment in the production of refined cobalt. This program is shown to all new employees and contractors at Umicore.

2004 Author of Infinity Machine, the latest science fiction novel in a series that includes Homesick, Infinity Machine, Splashdown, and Marker Stone.