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The Monarch Way

The Monarch Way: Your Methodist University Journey begins

Depending on the date of your enrollment deposit, you can begin these tasks as early as April 1 for the fall semester and as early as November 1 for the spring semester.

The Monarch Way is a list of tasks you’ll need to complete as you start your MU Journey. In the coming days and weeks, you will receive a series of emails which outline each step along The Monarch Way. Make sure that you pay special attention to these tasks and perform each in a timely fashion in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.

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Opens April 1 for fall enrollment and November 1 for spring enrollment.

  • Meet your Academic and Career Advisor: Your Academic and Career Advisor is here to help guide you through your Methodist University Journey. From assisting with your initial class registration, to potential internship placement, all the way through to your final graduation audit – your Academic and Career Advisor will come alongside you to support all of your academic endeavors at MU. Contact information for your Academic and Career Advisor can be found on the Advising tab in the myMU Portal.
  • Complete your first Methodist University course: Based upon the date of your enrollment deposit, you will be granted access to an online seminar through Canvas– our online learning software. This seminar details the Advising and Class Registration process. You must complete each module of this seminar and schedule an appointment with your Academic and Career Advisor in order to register for classes. This course should take 45 minutes to an hour. You can navigate to your Canvas account through the myMU Portal.
  • Confirm your class registration: When your schedule is complete, you will be able to download your course schedule on the Registration tab of the myMU Portal. If you have any transfer credits you will be able to access those credits through the Course History folder once the official transcript or score reports have been evaluated for transfer credit.

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Opens April 1 for fall enrollment and November 1 for spring enrollment.

Methodist University offers a wide array of residence halls which offer you options ranging from traditional halls to on-campus apartments. As a new student, you will likely be living in one of our traditional residence halls during your first year, but as you matriculate further in your MU Journey, you will have more options. Follow the simple steps below to begin the housing selection process. Be sure to review housing rates, residence hall configurations and housing regulations on the Housing & Residence Life website before you begin.

  • Log in to the myMU Portal and select the Student Life tab
  • Navigate to the myHousing page and complete the New Student Housing Agreement
  • In order to select a roommate, both students must have paid their deposit and signed the housing agreement. Once that is done, head back to your portal (as above) and search for roommates.  You should both select each other in order to be placed as roommates.


There are a variety of meal plans available to both commuting and residential students. Residential students are assigned the default meal plan for the residence hall selected, while commuting students can purchase any of the available meal plans. To explore meal plan options, visit Commuter students, please contact to change or add a meal plan. Once you have chosen your meal plan, it will be added to your billing statement.

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You want to make sure that any financial aid you have been awarded is credited to your account. Follow these steps to ensure that you finalize your financial aid award.

  • Log in to the myMU Portal and select the Financial Aid tab
  • Navigate to the Financial Aid Document Tracking tab to ensure that you have completed all of the required forms and processes
  • Navigate to the Financial Aid Notifications tab and sign your Financial Aid Notification form
  • North Carolina residents and military should complete NC Residency Determination (RDS) for possible state grant awards

Follow these steps if you are interested in securing loans.

For Federal Direct Student Loans complete the following:

For additional loan options consider the following:

If you have not completed a FAFSA form and you would like to be considered for need-based scholarships, grants, loans and on-campus employment, you should complete the FAFSA form at as soon as possible.

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Payment Plans open May 1 for fall enrollment and November 4 for spring enrollment.

Step 1: Review your Course and Fee Statement carefully!

Step 2: Decide how you will pay your bill and settle your account.
All student accounts must be settled by August 1 for the Fall and December 15 for the Spring. To meet this deadline, you have two options:

  1. Pay the balance in full by clicking on Make a Payment in the myMU Portal.
  2. Enroll in a payment plan (administered through Nelnet) by clicking on Pay using Nelnet Link in the myMU Portal. This will take you directly to the Nelnet page.

Payment plans for the upcoming semester open in early May/November. Check the Student Accounts tab of your myMU Portal for payment plan enrollment deadlines. There is a non-refundable $40 installment fee due upon plan enrollment. Payments made by debit/credit card will be subject to a 2.75% service charge, while payments by electronic ACH are not subject to service charges. If you are paying via a Savings account, verify with your bank before submitting payment, as some banks block automatic drafts from a Savings account.

For assistance, please contact

Submit Your Immunization and Health Records

This is required for ALL students taking more than 5 credit hours of classes on our main campus (students taking fewer than 5 credit hours and students who are enrolled in the MU Online program are exempt).

  • Click here to access all Health Forms. Please complete the Physical Examination and Immunization Record Form.
  • Documents must be submitted electronically here.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements & FAQ
  • For assistance, please contact the MU Health Center at 910.630.7164 or by email

All health forms and immunization records must be uploaded by July 1 (fall enrollment) or December 1 (spring enrollment).

Accessibility & Disability Accommodations

Accessibility/Disability Services can offer students with disabilities and medical conditions accommodations and resources to meet their needs. To use our services, students must register with our office.

  • For a detailed understanding of Reasonable/Unreasonable Accommodations, Assistance Animals, Housing Related Questions and to register with our office, visit Documentation & Access.
  • Registering for services with our office should be completed upon acceptance to the university to secure accommodations in a timely manner and for the best opportunity for success.

If you need assistance, contact the Accessibility & Disability Services Office at 910.630.7402 or by email at

For assistance, please contact

Opens July 1 for fall enrollment and December 1 for spring enrollment.

Student ID

Every Monarch needs their Student ID for the library, events, dining, bookstore, fitness center, getting into your residence hall, and great discounts at merchants around town. You should carry that card everywhere!

Log in to the myMU Portal before accessing any of the links below.

Vehicle Registration

Any student who plans to drive a vehicle to campus must purchase a vehicle parking permit.

Log in to the myMU Portal before accessing any of the links below.

  • Log in to the Public Safety page to complete the appropriate Vehicle Registration form.
  • Once you complete the appropriate Vehicle Registration form and make payment, your parking sticker will be ready for you to pick up at New Student Orientation.

For assistance, please contact

New Student Orientation will give you an opportunity to meet faculty, your Academic and Career Advisor, MU staff, coaches and classmates in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. For more information and the full schedule, visit our New Student Orientation page.

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