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Dr. Andrew H. Ziegler, Jr.

Chair, Department of Government Studies
Director, Lura S. Tally Center for Leadership Development
Professor of Political Science

Office: T-103
Phone: (910) 630-7488

Mailing Address:

Methodist University
Department of Government Studies
5400 Ramsey Street
Fayetteville, NC 28311


  • Ph.D. - University of Florida
  • M.A. - University of Florida
  • B.S. - Florida State University

Undergraduate Teaching Areas

  • Political science
  • Leadership

Research Interests

  • Leadership development


  • Ballroom dancing


2009. "Empowering Community Members for Civic Leadership." Article in the Journal of Leadership Education vol. 7 no. 3 (Winter): 28-49. Co-authored with Dr. Willis Watt.

2008. "International Jihadists Infiltrating America?" Article in American Diplomacy (January) [].

2007. "Servant Leadership." Workshop delivered to the International Leadership Conference, sponsored by the North Carolina Association of International Educators, Fayetteville, NC, 4 November.

2006. "Strategic Culture and the Transatlantic Crisis." Lecture delivered as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series at Regent’s College, London, England. 19 April.

2006. "The United States and Europe Today: The Transformation of Relations." Article in American Diplomacy (March), [].

2005. "Choose to Lead." Speech delivered at the Induction Ceremony for Phi Theta Kappa at FTCC, Fayetteville, NC, 11 October.

2005. "Anti-Americanism in Europe: An Analysis of Survey Data." Paper presented at the North Carolina Political Science Association annual conference, UNC Pembroke, 18-19 March.

2005. "Servant Leadership." Workshop presented to the Haymount United Methodist Church, Fayetteville, NC.

2004. "The Future of Humanitarian Action." Article in American Diplomacy (September), [] Co-authored with Dr. John Handley.

2004. "A Conceptual Framework for National Security." Article in American Diplomacy (January). [] Co-authored with Dr. John Handley.

2003. "The Importance of Leadership." Keynote speech for NC Association of Student Councils Division III Conference, Pine Forest High School, Fayetteville, NC, 13 December.

2003, "Threats to American National Security: A Bidimensional Assessment." Paper presented at the North Carolina Political Science Association annual meeting, Elon University, 21-22 March. Co-authored with Dr. John Handley, Webster University.

2001. "Political Ideologies." Guest lecture for the US Army Regional Studies Course, JFK Special Warfare Center, Fort Bragg, NC, 13-14 August.

2000. "The European Public and Post-Cold War Security Policy." Chapter in Handbook on International Policy, edited by Stuart Nagal. New York: Marcel Dekker Press.

1997. "European Public Opinion and NATO’s Post-Cold War Security Policy." Paper presented to the North Carolina Political Science Association annual meeting, UNC Pembroke, 21-22 March.

1995. A Short Guide to Writing a Research Proposal. Vienna, GA: The Old Mountain Press.

1988. "Review of The Limited Partnership: Europe, the U.S., and the Burdens of Alliance, by Joseph Joffe." Book review in Military Review vol 68 no 11 (November): 92-94.

1988. Comparative Politics in the Post-Behavioral Era. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. Book co edited with Dr. Louis J. Cantori, University of Maryland.

1987. The West European Public and the Atlantic Alliance. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms. (Ph.D. Dissertation.)

1987. "The Structure of West European Attitudes Toward Atlantic Cooperation: Implications for the Western Alliance." Article in British Journal of Political Science vol 17 no 4 (October): 457-77.

1987. "Public Attitudes in Europe Toward Atlantic Cooperation: A Comparative Analysis." Paper presented at the International Studies Association annual meeting, Washington, DC, 15-18 April.