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Professor Donna Pelham
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Accounting and Business Administration


Office: Clark Hall 104


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Bachelor of Arts or Science in Management:

Successful twenty-first century businesses require leaders who are well equipped to tackle the challenge of managing in a complex and dynamic environment of technological and social change, global competition, and workforce diversity. Students in Management study the responses contemporary business leaders have made to these challenges as well as traditional theories of business management to gain the knowledge base needed to develop tools for leading in a constantly changing environment.

Coursework in the Management major is drawn from multiple business disciplines to equip students with the skill spectrum needed to succeed as managers, with an emphasis placed on personnel and human resource issues.

Like all Reeves School of Business majors, the Accounting degree can be paired with a concentration in Health Care Administration; PGA Golf Management; Professional Tennis Management; Resort, Club, and Hospitality Management; and Sport Management.


Degree Requirements

Requirements for the major in Management: In addition to the foundation core and the professional core courses required of all majors in the Reeves School of Business, the following courses are required: BUS 3150, BUS 3750, BUS 4500, and LSS 3000, plus any 9 s.h. chosen from the following courses: BUS 3000, 3100, 3200, or 3450; BHC 3050; MKT 3840 or 4850; SMA 3220; PGM 3040(only for students concentrating in PGA Golf Management); PTM 3300 (only for students concentrating in Professional Tennis Management); or RMT 3600(only for students concentrating in Resort and Club Management).

Note: An elective course for any Reeves School of Business major may only be used to meet the requirements of one major. A required class in any Reeves School of Business major may not be used as an elective for another Reeves School of Business major.

Writing-Enrichment Courses: BUS 3520 and PGM 3040

Computer Intensive Course: BUS 2250 or CSC 1000

Ethics Course: BUS 3150