Criminal Justice

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Justice Studies

The purpose of the Justice Studies Program is to provide students with a systems orientation to the field of criminal justice and a holistic view of behavior, conditions, and circumstances that produce crime and criminality. Crime, criminality, and the criminal justice system are studied from a social science perspective. Students acquire a knowledge base and comprehensive understanding of criminological theory as it applies to the causation, prevention, control, and treatment of criminal behavior. Students are provided the opportunity to study the application of forensic science within the context of the investigative process. The program provides students the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in interpersonal communications, program and policy development, community organization, planning and research to function in a professional position in the field of criminal justice. 

Applied Forensic Science

Students acquire knowledge and experience in the application of forensic science throughout the entire investigative process, cradle to grave. The students acquire the necessary hands-on skills to expertly locate, document, identify, process, collect, protect, and analyze many types of forensic evidence as well as how to conduct felony investigations and work with forensic scientists around the nation.  This training prepares students for the potential to strive for advanced degrees as well as employment within the forensic science and law enforcement professions. 

Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity

The prevalence of computers and electronic devices in society has highlighted a need for those trained in digital evidence collection as well as those who can identify, mitigate, protect and respond to the wide variety of cyber attacks. This program is designed to give students a leg-up from the average undergraduate candidate, providing hands-on experience with network security and electronic evidence collection. Students who complete the program will be qualified to enter private and public sector occupations focused on preventing, detecting, investigating, and gathering digital evidence of crime.

Master of Justice Administration (MJA)

The Department of Justice Studies in conjunction with the North Carolina Justice Academy offers rising leaders in the criminal justice profession the opportunity to gain a master of justice administration. The Master of Justice Administration provides students with a strong foundation in the administration of justice, focusing on values, and ethical principles such as truth, virtue, and justice. The Master of Justice Administration program is specifically geared to focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to effectively address complex problems and issues currently facing the criminal justice system.

Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education

The Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education is designed to allow those holding a current master’s degree in a field other than criminal justice, to obtain the 18 credit hours necessary to teach in a criminal justice undergraduate program at the community college or university level. 

Program Faculty & Staff

Mark Bowman, Associate Professor of Justice Studies

Dr. Mark Bowman

Associate Professor of Justice Studies
(910) 630-7434
Darl Champion, Professor Emeritus of Justice Studies

Dr. Darl Champion

Professor Emeritus of Justice Studies
Steven Downs, Assistant Professor of Justice Studies

Dr. Steven Downs

Assistant Professor of Justice Studies
(910) 751-1177
Sabrina Koncaba, Instructor of Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity

Sabrina Koncaba

Director, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity
(910) 630-7516
Dave Pauly, Associate Professor of Justice Studies

Dave Pauly

Associate Professor of Justice Studies
(910) 263-4720

Dr. Eric See

Chair, Justice Studies
(910) 630-7459
Sarah See, Instructor of Justice Studies

Sarah See

Instructor of Justice Studies
(910) 480-8458

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