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History of the Lafayette Society

Martha Duell organized the Lafayette Society in 1981 and she was president of the organization until 2008.  Founded to honor the memory of the Marquis de Lafayette through good works, the society is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that has made many contributions to the community. The society awards scholarships to deserving students and monetary gifts to local organizations at its annual dinner. 

In 1983, the Lafayette Society raised the money to erect the statue of Lafayette that stands in Cross Creek Park. That same year, the society organized a city-wide celebration to commemorate the bicentennial of the city’s name change to Fayetteville. In 1783, Fayetteville was the first city in the United States to name itself in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette and the only city so named that he actually visited.

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History of the Lafayette 250th “Committee of Arrangements”

The Lafayette 250th Committee was made up of many dedicated citizens representing a wide range of organizations and agencies in Fayetteville.  The Lafayette 250th “Committee of Arrangements” coordinated the celebration on behalf of the Lafayette Society.

The 250th Birthday Celebration truly was a collaborative effort that created a series of events that benefited the entire community, while enhancing Fayetteville’s reputation throughout the state.  

The mission of the group was to develop and direct events and activities that celebrated the 250th birthday and of the Marquis de Lafayette and his visit to Fayetteville, NC.


·    To raise awareness of the profound contributions by Lafayette to the American Revolution and to our nation’s history.
·    To raise awareness of Lafayette’s lifelong dedication to and promotion of equal rights for all men and his advocacy for the abolition of slavery.
·    To raise awareness of Fayetteville, NC, as the first city to be named for Lafayette and the only one so named that he visited.
·    To raise awareness of Fayetteville’s rich and colorful history that predates the American Revolution.
·    To enhance Fayetteville’s image throughout NC and to promote tourism.
·    To use this celebration as an educational tool for our school children in the areas of history, language and the arts.
·    To initiate an annual observance of Lafayette’s birthday every September 6th in Fayetteville, NC.

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