ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

The Green to Gold (G2G) Active-Duty Option (ADO)

The Green to Gold Active Duty Options (ADO) provides eligible, Regular Army (RA) Enlisted Soldiers an opportunity to complete their first Baccalaureate degree or their first Master’s degree. Upon the successful completion of their degree program, the Soldier is commissioned as an Officer in the Regular Army (RA).

Selected Soldiers will remain on Active Duty and be reassigned to the university location. The soldier must be able to complete their degree requirements in two years.  Soldiers will retain their current pay and allowances while completing their last two years of school. The Soldier is responsible for paying for the cost of attending school (tuition, fees, & books); most Soldiers elect to use their GI benefits to cover the cost of school.

Phase One

The Selection Phase (June-November)

This phase consists of creating an online application, submission of board required documents, scheduling of Medical Examinations, verifying board eligibility, and packet appearance before a selection board.

Phase Two

The Qualification Phase (January-May)

Selected Soldiers must be administratively and medically qualified prior to awarding of an Offer Letter. To become administratively qualified the applicant must ensure all required documents (to include all administrative waivers) are uploaded to the application portal. To be medically qualified the applicant must be cleared by the Department of Defense Medical Evaluations Review Board (DoDMERB), there are no exceptions.

The Fort Liberty Office will assist applicants throughout the G2G process. Specifically, we will evaluate military transfer credits based on soldiers’ military training and education, review transcripts of all colleges attended, discuss possible degree options, and prepare USACC Form 104-R (Planned Academic Program Worksheet) for submission to the selection board.

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For more information about the G2G program and attending Methodist University, contact Dr. Doris Munoz via her contact information below.


Rocio Serna, B.S.

Coordinator, Military & Veteran Services
Rocio Serna