All active-duty service members (including Guard and Reserve) must contact their Education Service Officer (ESO) or Education Counselor within their branch of service prior to enrolling in any courses at Methodist University.

The general process for requesting Tuition Assistance is the same for all branches of the military. Please also see the branch sections below for specific information regarding the type of military Tuition Assistance you are using.

  1. Speak with your local Education Office to ensure your eligibility for Tuition Assistance.
  2. Follow their instructions for how to request Tuition Assistance for your course(s).
  3. The military approves your Tuition Assistance Request (TAR).
  4. Methodist University Military & Veteran Services / Student Financial Services will review approved TARs in the Academic Institution Portal daily. If you submitted your TAR but it is not visible to MU Military & Veteran Services, you must submit the approved TAR (pdf) to MU Military & Veteran Services for processing.
  5. Student Financial Services posts the TAR credit to your account within 3-5 business days of receiving your Bill Clearance Form through the myMU Portal. You must complete a Bill Clearance Form each semester after registration. The Bill Clearance Form is in the myMU Portal under the Student Accounts Tab.

Each branch of the military handles Tuition Assistance a little differently:

  • If you are in the Army, you will use ArmyIgnitED to request Tuition Assistance.
  • If you are in the Air Force or Space Force, you will apply for Tuition Assistance through the Air Force Virtual Education Center.
  • If you are in the Coast Guard, Navy, or Marine Corps, you must contact your Education Center to request a Tuition Assistance form; once you have the tuition assistance form signed by your education coordinator, submit it at the time of registration to MU Military & Veteran Services.
  • Tuition Assistance forms not received within the allotted semester (fall, spring, or summer) will not be posted to student accounts.
  • If you are using Tuition Assistance and withdraw from a course prior to completing 60 percent of the course, you must pay a portion of the tuition, in accordance with Department of Defense regulations.


Rocio Serna, B.S.

Coordinator, Military & Veteran Services
Rocio Serna