For the convenience of the entire campus community, a Weather Alert and Message Board telephone line has been installed. By dialing extension 7351 on-campus, or 910.630.7351 off-campus, callers will receive a recorded message concerning inclement weather or other University announcements that are pertinent.

This line will be updated daily by 5 p.m. Methodist University also announces delays and closures on local radio and television stations and its own communications channels: MU Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

The decision about a delay or closing will be made by 6 a.m. for day classes and no later than 3 p.m. for evening classes. Delays and closings will continue to be posted on the home page of the University’s website.

Students & Faculty

When classes are being held, the decision about attending class rests with the individual driver. No student or faculty member should attend class if driving conditions are believed to be too dangerous. If a student misses classes because of dangerous weather, the faculty will not impose a penalty; and the student will be allowed to make up any work missed. The student is, however, responsible for the material covered in all classes.


Staff members are expected to report to work when the University is open and operating. No staff member should report to work if driving conditions are believed to be too dangerous. Per the Employee Handbook, if the University is open and a staff member does not report to work, annual leave will be assessed for all hours missed. For more information, refer to the Employee Handbook.