Counseling Services

Free, 24/7 Counseling and Psychological Services

Life as a college student demands personal strengths and problem-solving skills. Nearly every college student experiences a time when more strength and skill is needed. MU is here for you to provide confidential psychotherapy and individual problem-solving counseling which provides and teaches the necessary strengths and skills.

To that end, MU is excited to share that it has purchased a new, high-end virtual care opportunity that offers every enrolled student free, unlimited access to doctors, therapists, and on-demand crisis counseling.

Starting is easy. Students can simply activate their free account at, and they will be connected virtually to a doctor or a therapist at no cost (not even co-pays) with the opportunity to speak about a variety of topics that include: addiction, anxiety, cold and flu, cough, earache, eye problems, gender identity, headache, grief, stress, trauma and PTSD, and many more.

We encourage all students to take advantage of this wonderful service which includes no-cost virtual medical visits 24/7/365, plus crisis counseling (24/7/365), scheduled counseling, and life coaching.

For questions about this service, please reach out to

In-Person Counseling

Counseling Services is located on the first floor of West Hall. Students who would like to meet with a counselor in person should call 910.630.7164 to make an appointment.

Students who would like to talk with a professional on campus in a confidential, non-clinical/therapeutic setting should contact the Dean of Students’ office (910.630.7152) or the University chaplain (910.630.7157).


Please know that counselors are legally bound to hold the information you share in confidence. They adhere to ethical and professional standards at all times as well as following HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) guidelines. We may disclose client information without prior consent in certain cases to protect clients and others. These instances include when a client poses a threat to harm themselves or someone else, possible abuse of a child, or when we are ordered by a judge or court.

If you provide consent, the counselor may share information. Please speak with the counselor if you need further clarification in reference to confidentiality.

Parent Information

MU welcomes inquiries from parents. We will be happy to discuss the services which we offer students as well as information on how to encourage them to make an appointment. Please note that due to state and federal law, once a student has made an appointment, all information about that individual will be kept confidential and can only be released with the signed permission of the student.


Further information is located in the Counseling and Psychological Services link under Our Services.