B.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro; M.Ed., Campbell University


Laura Lamm, a first-generation university student and North Carolinian, is living proof that a person can teach in the public school system for over thirty years and retire in good health. She has enjoyed a long and varied career as not only a classroom teacher but also as a theatre director and forensic coach. Under her direction, students won many state awards, traveling to nationals, competitive places at colleges and universities, and scholarships. Whether on stage or paper, Laura encourages students to excel and become the best versions of themselves. She feels no better award or compliment than that her students do well in life. Laura has appeared in many commercials, films, and stage productions both locally and regionally, and while she enjoyed this work, she came to realize that she missed the classroom, so she joined Methodist University through the Writing Center (2009) where she tutored students on the paper writing process. Lately, she serves as English Coordinator on the university’s Teacher Education Committee and as a bridge between high school and freshmen English in the MAAP classes, assisting those students in strengthening their skills for future classes as only a high school veteran can, enabling them to continue their chosen studies. She is honored to be Methodist University’s Exemplary Teacher for 2019. Laura continues to expand her teaching abilities, recently adding a degree in teaching English as a Second Language to her repertoire.

She loves to travel both at home and abroad. She loves walking the beach, scavenging for driftwood and shells, and fishing. Her favorite activity is taking a ferry ride anywhere, which she hasn’t done nearly often enough.