Study Abroad

Explore the World by Studying Abroad

Expand your horizons, bring your course work to life, learn more about yourself, the world and your country; these are just a few reasons why students pursue education abroad opportunities. Study abroad programs are designed to enhance students' personal, professional, social, academic, and cultural discovery. There are many reasons to pursue education abroad whether it be studying for a semester, an academic year, a summer, a few weeks or pursuing an internship or volunteering overseas.

Come in and see us—we would love to learn more about your academic goals and put a unique international component in your MU Journey!

NOTE: Due to renovation the Study Abroad Office is temporarily located in the Student Affairs Office, Room 3 of Berns Student Center

Interested in studying abroad?  Fill this out and send it to Jennifer Ramos at

The Following Education Abroad Options are currently available for MU Students:

Faculty-Led Short-Term Courses Abroad

Approximately one-two weeks, these MU courses are offered at low-cost and open to all majors. Please note there may be a few additional programs; stay tuned for more information.

Semester & Year Programs

Exchange programs allow MU students to travel to our exchange partner universities for a semester while still paying MU tuition and retaining the majority of their financial aid/scholarships.  Other programs are available through third-party providers.

How to Receive Class Credit for Studying Abroad

  • Students should download the information on the courses they would take in whatever program they choose to pursue abroad.
  • They need to bring the courses/descriptions to the Registrar's for review.
  • The Registrar will review the courses, in conjunction with the appropriate department head (ex. if the course is an English course, the Registrar would see the head of the English department) to determine course equivalency or transferability of courses.
  • Any course that is transferable will be given a grade of pass/fail.

Whom do I contact?

Lyle Sheppard, Director of International Programs & Study Abroad

Lyle Sheppard

Director of International Programs & Study Abroad
(910) 630-7225 or
International Programs Office, Berns Student Center

Jennifer Ramos, Assistant Director of Study Abroad

Jennifer Ramos

Assistant Director of Study Abroad
(910) 630-7159 or
Study Abroad Office, Berns Student Center


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