Students study abroad in Guatemala

Summer, Semester & Year Programs

Exchange programs allow MU students to travel to our exchange partner universities for a semester while still paying MU tuition and retaining the majority of their financial aid/scholarships. Other programs are available through third-party providers. Students pay the host institution’s room and board.

MU Exchange Programs

Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea’s passenger ship brings together college students with learners at all stages of life to study with world-renowned professors in a shipboard classroom setting and in countries around the globe. With the ship as your home, you’ll find adventure, community, and life-changing experiences everywhere you go. This program provides great scholarships and financial aid.

Third-Party Providers

Third Party Providers allow MU students to study abroad on various types of programs ranging from short-term and long-term programs. Students participating in programs with third-party providers are responsible to pay program fees, tuition, course fees, room and board. MU scholarships do not apply to such programs. You can start your research with these programs: