General Studies

A student presents at the annual CRC Symposium

Degree Awarded

Associate of Arts (A.A.) – available both online and on-campus

Online A.A. in General Studies

Methodist University’s 100% online associate degree in general studies is structured to give you a platform to advance your career. Designed for students to develop specific competencies, you can expect to gain skills in computer technology, critical thinking, information literacy, written and oral communication, and quantitative reasoning. Gain the necessary skills to enter the job market confidently, locate promotion opportunities, or advance your academic profile by continuing with a bachelor’s degree.

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On-Campus A.A. Degree Requirements

The Methodist University Experience

Interdisciplinary Studies 2100, 1 s.h.

Computer Competency

**Computer Science 1000 (or BUS 1700 for Reeves School of Business Majors ONLY) or demonstration of competence, 0-3 s.h.


***English 1010, 3 s.h.
English 1020 or 1040, 3 s.h.
****Applied Communication & Leadership 1500, 1510, 3540, or 3600 or demonstration of competence, 0-3 s.h.


Choose one of the following, 3 s.h.

  • Any Literature course 2000 or higher except English 3610 or 3620
  • History
  • Religion

Fine Arts

Choose one of the following, 3 s.h.: Art History 1510, 2530, or 2540; Music 1510, 1520, 1600 or 1610; Theater 1620 or 1630; or 3 hours in applied music/ensemble/voice class for non music majors (MUS 1110-1120) or theater ensemble


Mathematics 1050 or higher, except MAT 1060 and MAT 2060, 3 s.h.

Natural Science

One Lab Science from BIO, CHE, GLY, PHY, and SCI, 3-4 s.h.

Social Science

Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology, 3 s.h.


Wellness 1010 and either 2010 or 2350; or 2180 or Physical Education and Exercise Science 2900, 2-3 s.h.

**Library Competency

Core Semester Hours: 24-32

Electives: 30-38 s.h.

Minimum Total Required: 62 s.h.

** Must be satisfied before completing 60 semester hours or demonstration of competence.

*** English 1000 or 2070 as needed. Entry level is determined by scores attained on standardized ACT/SAT, high school English grades, and/or placement testing. Continual enrollment in composition courses is mandated until requirements are fulfilled.

**** Students who pass a competency test (administered on a pass/fail basis at no charge) for ACL 1510 and/or CSC 1000 will not be required to take the class for which a test is passed. Passing a competency test will not give a student a grade or the equivalent semester hours for taking the respective course(s), but will satisfy the respective general education ACL and/or CSC requirement(s). Students are permitted one single attempt to pass a CSC 1000 and/or ACL 1510 competency test.